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.dff import/export help

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hello, this is my first post here, i don't know if i am posting in the corect section about this if no, then sorry, my question is: i don't know how to import models from San Andreas into Blender 3D to create mods..i was trying google and i founded a script for Blender to can import .dff files but that script it was only for gta3 and Vice city but not for San Andreas....i also know that 3dsmax is using a script called ''Kams'' to can import .dff files into that program..well i don't know using 3dsmax..but i know using Blender..i would apreciate a lot if someone can tell me where i can find a script for Blender to import .dff models from San Andreas..thanks

Edited by Sfinx_17

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Registered Zmodeler version 2 and above is still the BEST WAY. If you want to make a car use Zmodeler v1.07 then if you're going to export it after you finish all including dummies, textures, hierarchy issues etc. then use and open your car from zmodeler version 1.07 to zmodeler 2 and above versions, make sure you lock it,..You can download registered version of them around the .net just search. colgate.gif

You can Export/Import non-lock .dff in registered version so easy, easiest than exploring Blender or GMAX, I have both BLENDER and GMAX with KAm's Script, 3DS software for converting other supported file formats, but you know what, Zmodeler is still cool.gif

Edited by 1stresponse

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u have Blender with kams script ? can u show me plz where i can download kams script for Blender? i tryed lot of times to find that kams script but i founded only for 3dsmax, i don't know using Zmodeler.. and i don't know there to make models, textures etc, but i know to make in Blender the models, textures and many other things..

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