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Can't climb ladders anymore!


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All of a sudden I can't climb ladders anymore! I don't know if it's one of the mods that I have or what, but I have two separate installations of the game, and both of them have that problem. Nico just stands in front of the ladder and doesn't respond to "F" at all! I know the easy answer is to just reinstall the game, but wanted to check here if anyone else has experienced this bug and found a solution...

(It's not the key binding - F works for getting in and out of cars) and I even tried deleting the controlmap.dat. It didn't help.

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Nope - "ENTER" isn't working either. I tried disabling the trainer and all other scripts that I had. Replaced modded files with originals - still nothing! sad.gif


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Uninstall the game, keep the savegames, don't revoke the license, delete the game install directory, reinstall the game, update it manually. The only way to remove possible mod interference.

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