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LCS problem


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I've bought the original game GTA IV for PC which as you know includes the 'Ballad of Gay Tony' & the 'Lost and Damned'


I am normally signed in the LIVE with my account which I created


I play the game GTA IV normally without problems


in tha main menu when I start the game I have 2 options to PLAY: 'GTV IV' (I can play it)

and 'Liberty City Stories'....when I choose Liberty City Stories I have 2 more options...Lost and Damned & Ballad of Gay T.


but I can't play Ballad of Gay Tony and the Lost and Damned


when I click the option to play one of them,(on the start menu)a pop-up message tells me that

'can't retrieve information for Live....please try again later...error code: 800700e8 ' but it happens every time and I can never play them


the game is original bought from a store...I log in the Live normally...what's wrong? what can I do?


please help


thanks in any case

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What game is it exactly are you talking about? Cause you mentioned IV, EFLC, and LCS in the same post-those are 4 different games. LCS is for PSP/PS2 ONLY.


If you are talking about TLAD OR TBOGT, then, why did you post in the LCS forums(with LCS title), when obviously, LCS is in the III era, as is why it is in the III section of the forum and has III are names. Whereas, TBOGT and TLAD are under the IV section.? How do people get these games confused, when they have totally different names-Liberty City Stories VS. Episodes From Liberty City. Just curious? confused.gif



the game is original bought from a store...I log in the Live normally...what's wrong? what can I do?


If you are talking about LCS, then that statement is a lie, as LCS is NOT sold for the PC-only PSP and PS2. Also, LCS DOES NOT use Windows Live...so, as you say "what's wrong", that's what wrong-I have to assume you mean LCS, since the topic title says LCS problem...?

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