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Hello Everybody ,

First , sorry for my bad english !

Well , I'm using (Save Editor 2.8) to set gang zone ,

I set my gang(Groves) zone in Doherty and Bakery in San Fierro, but there's another gang(Refa) in that area too !

In the street ,my gang'll fight with another gang(Refa) !!

So ,is there a way to set Refa's Zone ?

or is there a way to make a peace ?



Thanks in advance

Tell me if i'm in wrong section !!


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Try Ryosuke's SA Savegame Editor. I believe it also allows you to edit gang densities of gangs other than just Ballas, GSF, and Vagos.


Alternatively you can change gang density of the zone with the 076A but unless you have coding experience then you should use Ryosuke's SASE.


There is a way to "make peace" with the Rifas by editing ped.dat to your desires. The file is pretty self-explanatory so there should be no tutorial necessary. wink.gif


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I've had rather strange results for the zone tool of Ryosuke's save editor. It appears that the zones in the Japanese version aren't the same as other versions, and that Ryosuke hard coded the data rather than reading the zone files. You might have better luck with the new version of Paul's save editor (currently v3.1.1). The zone tool has been updated to include all active gangs.



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Well , I download the SAME and i don't know how to use it , always got error message (Windows not found , GTA : San Andreas) !!!

And the paul's save editor , how to run the program ?? i can't find anything in folder to run ! i downloads many time ! but always the same !!!

About ped.dat i change (GANG2 Respect GANG4) (GANG4 Respect GANG2) I'm Right ? There're stilling fighting !!!


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You need java installed and maybe need to run the *.jar fix. To run the programm click on the Java archive (editor.jar)

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Grove is gang 1, Rifa is gang 3. However, I suspect that editing the information in ped.dat will only work on newly created saves. Fortunately, the Pedestrian tab of Paul's savegame editor v3.x should allow you to edit the acquaintance data.

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