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Urban FreeRunners videos


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Hello everybody!


It was a long time ago when we formed the Urban FreeRunners clan, and now I (Attila) decided to show up our videos here, on the gta forum Check them out!


So, Urban FreeRunners eh?

Just to get everything clean, I explain what parkour is.

Our name is FreeRunners, but FreeRun is impossible in the game, without mods. The name came from that time, when we used MODS!!! Nowadays we are missing them all, and I recognized we are a parkour clan.

FreeRun = Parkour + tricks, flips, vaults and so on.

Parkour = The art of the flow, get over everything which is in front of you.





All of the videos are listed on the right side, new ones are coming out monthly.

And the most important thing:

Urban FreeRunners does not mod their game, all we got is by the normal limit of the basic game.



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I'll quote myself - "If you want to showcase your videos, there's pinned topic in the events forum". A single topic will make sure that all videos are collected in one place, making it easier for video makers to reach out to viewers. Furthermore, if your sole intent is to advertise your server, there's a separate thread for that (read the forum guidelines).

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