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I've noticed that Lots of ppl in the request thread want models to be converted from gta:sa to gta:4 .


As for me, i always wanted to have a HMMWV converted into gta:4 to replace the patriot .


So my point is, can anybody host a video or write a tutorail with links on how to convert the modals and textures of cars for gta:4 ?


I for one would be most greatfull




(pls dont flame me or make fun of my grammar and spelling)






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Vice City has been converted just as the cars, GTASA is being converted just as the cars.


No one is interested in answering the question "how do I convert something from SA to IV"?


I myself want to convert a car from SA to IV but have no idea how to do it. How did they convert VC and SA to IV? With magic? All I want to know it what tools to use and some basic stuff, no indepth tutorials needed. I am willing to teach myself stuff, but I need some basic knowledge for that...

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"No one is interested in answering the question "how do I convert something from SA to IV"?"


Actually, you're wrong. Check out http://s1.zetaboards.com/Kottons_Chop_Shop/index/

For some information on how to convert from SA to IV, If you actually look at an IV .wtf and compare it to a .dff file, you'll notice the

difference between to two, try to emulate the hierarchy in the .wtf file, as well as the material settings and you'll notice converting

from SA to IV isn't that much work (considering that its already set up for this style of game) Converting from FM3 (Forza 3) is

another story (a lot of scratch work is needed to get a decent looking convert)


Anywho, hope this link drop helps all the new converters here, there's a lot of great SA models that would look great in IV

So good luck to all in the quest to convert


If you have any additional questions drop them here, or start up a new thread over at kottons chop shop (preferred at the chop shop)

And I'll do my best to get you rolling.

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