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Camera Spawn Location


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-In Foster Valley loading docks

-Near the entrance to SF Airport - in a grassy area

-Mission Hill - at the parking lot across tower (where you find the

Photo Op)

-In the front door of the Golf Club in Avispa

-In an enclosed alley between Archwheels Shop and Clucking Bell

-In front of the Burger Shot in Garcia

-In a corner inside the train station across CJ's garage in Doherty

-At the very end of the Basin dock near Export ship

-Garver Bridge on the left side (coming south from Tierra Robada)

-Inside building in Downtown (with the Photo Op of the Helium


-In alley west of the save house in Chinatown

-A short walk south of the Calton Heights save house (in front of a


-Behind the Donut shop in Juniper Hill

-Behind the church near Calton Heights (where you find a Photo Op)

-On top of the parking structure in Esplanade East

Source: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/572/572706p1.html

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