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Things to do in GTA4/EFLC


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Ive just completed storyline in both games. And im getting bored with this. Is there anything cool to do?

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The Lolwut Pear

In BoGT repeat missions. Do cop chases. See how long you can hold out. Have fun with cheats.

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Repeating missions is boring, espcially in a game thats full of gays. The only GTA4 storyline i would play again is TLAD, the only decent storyline in GTA4 series. But again, playing storyline right after you've finished it isnt a good idea.

Vigilante, its boring, and you get no reward for doing it, in previous GTA's they would give you some kind of reward like extra armor or bribe. So there is no use in vigilante missions, other than doing it for 100% (which is only good for TLAD where u get Innovation for all the effort).

Cheats - never used those and dont find it interesting.

In other words, once you're done with storyline of the game, there is nothing much to do.

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In other words, once you're done with storyline of the game, there is nothing much to do.



if you're focused on the story, fail missions and listen to the secondary conversation, also date any friend to listen to all their stuff they have to tell. that's only if you're interested.


trophies is another thing you can go for...or do you have them all? I guess not.

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trophies is another thing you can go for...or do you have them all? I guess not.

whats the point of getting trophies when they got no use


Are there any exclusive vehicles in game other than rare paintjobs? Alredy got me all the custom bikes which are awesome. The only thing im enjoying right now is doing gang wars on my Double T Custom

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Get into a gunfight with the online police force with your friends; they are significantly harder than the offline police.

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As they say, only boring people get bored. Get an APC and shoot cops so you get 6 stars and keep using the health cheat so you can last forever, big police chase.

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i have a trainer, so i just f*ck around all day like jump out of heli at highest altitude then pull chute at latest possible point and if i crash, oh well i have god mode on smile.gif

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In BoGT repeat missions. Do cop chases. See how long you can hold out. Have fun with cheats.

This is what I do most of the time. Just cause chaos.

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EmPty CaSInGz

1: Start shootouts.

2: Start police car chases.

3: Snipe people from rooftops.

4: Follow people and kill them silently ala AC2.

5: Buy the biggest gun you can and back up against a wall when the police come.

6: Vigilante missions.

7: Replay missions (BoGT)

8: Drug wars (BoGt) You get guns for this, too.

9: Free falling (BoGT) You get some sort of reward, I think.

10: Gang wars (TLaD) Same as drug wars in BoGT.

11: Make missions for yourself.

12: Explore the city.

13: Explore the subway. (Watch out for Ratman!) Ugh. I had to do that. sarcasm.gif

14: Freerun to the best of Niko/Luis/Johnny's ability.

15: Take friends out in a helicopter and jump out over water leaving said friend to their fate.

16: Go as long as you can acting like a normal person. This can be quite addictive; I did it for a week without firing a shot.

17: Drift around corners for as long as you can without crashing or accidentally J-turning.

18: Find inventive ways to die.

19: Find inventive ways to wreck your car.

20: Rob internet cafes and run away.

21: Start fights with shopkeepers or random peds.

22: Surf the in-game net.

23: Jump off the highest building you can find and try and land on someone.

24: Push people down steps.

25: Find Blue Hell.

26: Find God.

27: Get sick.

28: Get well.

29: Hang around an inkwell.

30: Ring bell.


And don't forget to watch for parking meters!


Note: The ones from 26 onwards were sarcasm. Hopefully, though, you'll see there IS stuff to do.

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EmPty CaSInGz
I do just about everything mentioned in this topic.

Even the Bob Dylan bit? Wow, you're good! biggrin.gif

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(Really old post of mine)

1. Push people into the train tracks by locking on and walking into them. No stars are given.


2. Kill people by pushing them into corners. Lock onto a ped and push them into a corner. They will take damage, and eventually fall over and die.


3. Collect cars at your different safehouses. Make a theme for each safehouse, for example, luxury cars, sports cars, SUV's, muscle cars, bikes, and find one in the color you would like. Challenging and rewarding.


4. Get innocent peds arrested. Smash their windows with baseball bats and get them to punch you as a cop walks by. The cop will arrest them, or they will resist and die.


5. Fight at bars. In the Steinway Beer Garden, you can kill as many pedestrians as you want as long as you use melee weapons and don't let anyone escape.


6. Ride down the train tracks. If you have a fast enough vehicle and drive at top speed, the game will stop rendering certain parts of track, and it will turn to a blank gray sheet of color with no texture until you slow down. Also provides a way to drive as fast as you want.


7. Kill criminals. Hunt for any criminals the police are trying to track down, and execute them. This gives you 2 stars though.


8. Drive up the airport building. On certain parts of the airport building the walls curve inwards, making it possible to ride or flip up them on a light bike (ex. Sanchez) or fast bike (ex. PCJ). This is a great place to stunt.


9. Stunt onto cars. Use stairs, curbs, people, or whatever to land. You can practice control this way. Bonus points if you land inside a pickup truck.


10. Take on the bouncers at the strip club. You have to use a melee weapon as to not attract police. It's a challenge as they will outnumber you. For more fun (or frustration possibly) bring a friend with you and defend them as they try to take both of you on.


11. Find all the enterable buildings. This is a difficult task, but very fun. There are like 6 in

Schottler alone.


12. Find all swing glitch locations. There are at least three in the Firefly Island/Hove Beach Area, and more throughout every borough. thanks, Starlon


13.Explore Charge Island. Seriously. I found both assault rifles, tons of graffiti, armor, and a first aid kit inside one warehouse. It's a bit reminiscent of old GTA, or I think it is. Check it out.


14.Climb! Find a tall car, and set it against a wall if you need a boost to get started. From there you can leap onto signposts, hang from bars, or climb ladders. See how high you can make it. Once you're high up, you get a good view of the city, and can look for more spots to climb to.


15. Listen to phone conversations. Peds will often pull out a phone and talk to a friend, and their conversations can be interesting. You'll be surprised at what they might say sometimes, and actually see their personality. If you bump into them they'll drop their phone however.


16. Balance on top of cars. Hop on a car and crouch down, and watch the driver flip out to get you off. This will get you a star on a cop car however. See how long you can stay on. It's actually challenging.


17. Go car hopping. This is similar to number 16, but takes slightly more skill and good timing. Jump on car in a trafficked area. The car will back up and move forward repeatedly to try to knock you off. When they near another car, leap on. Repeat and count how many jumps you got.


18. Snipe tires. Heli or climb up to a tall building on a clear day (foggy days reduce draw distance). Snipe only tires, and see how much havoc you can create.


19. Legally kill cops. Grab a sturdy car and push other vehicles into the cops. You won't get any stars, and as far as I have tested, the driver of the vehicle being pushed won't either.


20. Hospital Rampage. Block the doors of the Schottler hospital with vehicles, eliminate everyone, and take cover behind a desk. The cops shouldn't be able to get in, so you can just keep shooting them while they can't move.


21. In Hove Beach, anger the peds, and you will probably get chased by any russian mafia, head to the beach, run around the hobo fires, and see if you can catch them on fire and steal their money. Thanks, TonyClifton


22. Get the Infernus (or possibly another low car) and find a Patriot. Drive into it head on, and you should be able to drive under it because of the difference in height. Thanks, duffman12


23. Grab a phantom near a warehouse or something similar. When you crash it, it will feel like knocking over regular pedestrians, it's so powerful. Try on a highway, and flip over cars and completely destroy them effortlessly. thanks, Hydro-PT


23: Go off-roading. Find an ideal car (Rancher, LandStalker, Patriot, possibly Cavalcade) and head over to an offroading spot. The edges of Broker, Charge Island, and any rocky or hilly area are ideal.


25. Subway rampage with assistance. Call dwayne for backup, and shootout a subway. With backup and plenty of places for cover, this should be easy, and there are first aid kits everywhere. Thanks, Timpo


26.* Car bomb traffic jams. Setup a car bomb in front of a choke point, and when there are many cars, detonate it. Eventually drivers will move up and light on fire one after another, and will cause a chain reaction. thanks, madman_mars.


27. Grab a friend or girlfriend. Take them to a shady area like a warehouse, or under a bridge in the slums. Throw them out of the car and shoot them dead.


28. Go 'nade jumping. To do this, first use the cheat to spawn health, armor, and weapons. If you need to jump vertically, drop a grenade, and stand back farther towards the roof you want to reach. If done right, you should fly upwards and back and land where you were aiming. If you need to jump horizontally, drop a 'nade near the edge of a building, wait a few seconds, and leap. If done right, the explosion should propel you farther so you can grab on.


29. Buoy sniping. Swim out to a buoy and climb up, or stand on a dock or harbor if you can't get to one. Wait for a boat to pass, and snipe the driver out. Occasionally if you miss the driver will jump out themselves. This is one of the best ways to practice sniping because it is so difficult.


30. One of the best ways to appreciate the Euphoria engine is through attacing benches. Seriously. Take a baseball bat and beat down a wooden bench, and see how many pieces you can break it into. Alternatively, take a bike and ram it. Surprisingly fun.


31. Bike sideways. Take a bike (Freeway or other choppers work best,) and drive it down a tunnel. The highway in North Bohan works best. If you accelerate fully and steer correctly you can ride the bike while sticking to the wall.


32. Grab a boat using the steps in number 29 or otherwise. A Dinghy or Jetmax works best. When you hit a wave, pull back, and push forward when you start to fall. If you can repeat this your boat will fall farther back each time and you will start to jump. If you can get your boat almost vertical when you pull back you can jump about 10 feet.


33. Subway Surfing. Car surfing may be gone for the most part, but subway surfing works much better. If you can run facing the direction the subway is moving when it starts to accelerate, you can actually run for a while. If you have good control, spawn a bike so on top of the train or in a way where you can land it on. Use the handbrake to stop the wheels, and whne the train starts, start riding slowly forwards. As the train gets faster, you get faster. If you have good control, you can keep this going for a long time.


34. Rob stores. In Broker you can rob the Russian Shop, tw@ cafe, and laundromat. In Dukes you can rob the another laundromat, and in Algonquin you can rob the tw@ cafe and Modo. Pick a good getaway vehicle, and map out your route. You may not make much money, but its tons of fun.


35. Enjoy the scenery. Liberty City is a beautiful place, although with everything you are forced to do, it is sometime hard to realize this. Find your favorite spots around the city and just chill and watch the people, or climb up on a small building and just look aroud.


36. Spawn Jetmaxes from your phone menu. They will fall from the sky unlike cars. They're fairly heavy, walk after cars and try to crush them this way.


37. BMX. Head over to the BMX ramps at the meat quarter. Spawn/get a bike (Sanchez or NRG/PCJ are probably best), and do some flips and stunts. Thanks, Bonesy


38. Whip Cars with your Heli. This is kind of obvious, but really never gets old. Spawn an Annihilator somewhere. Works best at a beach, specifically Firefly Island. The cops will probably start showing up. Something cool about this is that its a great way to practice control if you take out vehicles using just the rotor.


39. Explore the outskirts of the boroughs. These are the docks and industrial areas for the most part, but many of these are almost completely unexplored, and being very undeveloped, a lot of these areas are actually filled with grass. This is ideal for offroading, and sometimes there is some good stuff like armor around here. Because its so isolated around these areas, you can get away with shanking a bunch of hobos, and its hard for the cops to get to you.



*untested by me


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