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The big hunt [Mission pack]


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This is a mission pack I made containing 4 missions.

The pack is called The big hunt

There is no story in theese missions, the only thing you have to do is to search some of the GTA SA myth creatures.

In 1st mission you start from Blueberry and you have to search for Leatherface in the Panoptican

2nd mission-you have to search for Bigfoot in the Back'o'beyond

3rd mission is the easiest- you have to search for CJ mom's ghost in the Los Santos graveyard(which is very small)

4th mission- you search for the serial killer somewhere around El Quebrados


You can download the pack from Here


Enjoy and have luck searching smile.gif


P.S You don't need any mods to play this mission, I've put skins from the game


Hints you can find here:

About Leatherface search the woods instead of cabin

About Bigfoot search the place around the ghost cars

You dont need hint about the Cj mom's ghost

About the serial killer, he is somewhere around Aldea Malvada

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..... This doesn't work. How do you install it? I followed instructions but nothing works. Can someone please help me?

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