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GTA IV Misc Sounds for GTA San Andreas



It's easy to understand this mod: It add's some sounds from GTA4, like when you pickup money and weapons. You get the same "bleep" from GTA4 when information (or cheat message) appears.


I wanted to add more, like Menu sounds, but hell... GTASA Sound Engine got Bugged... Sadly...








You need following tool:




For the Mission Complete sounds, go for informations and download link here:


GFS 1.10


(For more information and Help, do NOT ask me, ask the author of the tool, or help yourself, like i did)

Then, after downloading and installing this sound tool, choose "GENRL" from the list and wait a second or minute (do not hit on "abort", this will cancel it) and after extracting, copy the "GENRL" folder from my mod, go to the extracted folder and replace the GENRL from orginal extracted with mine.

Open Alci's SAAT tool again (if you closed it) and double click on GENRL, choose yes when message appears, to use already existing folder and then click on the blue save icon. Wait a minute/second: Finished



Enjoy the game with these GTA4 Sounds! biggrin.gif

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