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Graphic problems + few questions


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Hi everybody!

First id like to tell you about my computer. Its an iMac with Windows XP installed on it.

Intel Core i3 3.06

4gb of memory

ATI Radeon HD 4670 256mb


Im trying to play GTA IV and GTA IV EFLC.

Everything is good but i do not know why, but GTA thinks that my system is all about 200 mb and does not give me opportunity to raise my settings.

I tried to reinstall game and running in with "-norestrictions" added. The last one worked but when i set high settings i get...let me show u some pics:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image



Last pic is was taken in "-norestrictions" mode. As u see GTA thinks i have only 237 mb.

Why? As far as i remember once i managed to put everything to the max and everything was good. But i dont remember how to do that sad.gif




And the second question is how can i mod EFLC and launch a trainer? Once year ago i remember myself launching myself something that was showing up right in game and i had to use numpad. What was that and how to install that? smile.gif


And how to find out which patch version i am currently using? I mean what is the version of my EFLC copy?


PS I have bought this game. Not downloaded.



Thx in advance

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Your graphics card only has 256mb of dedicated memory. That is why you are unable to raise the graphics settings much higher without -norestrictions.



Lowering the settings to meet your 256mb VRAM quota will eliminate any visual glitches you are facing.. such as the ones in your images where textures cannot load (due to lack of spare VRAM).


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Will do that!



And whats about trainer and version of my GTA?

First of all i wont to mod it, but none of sparkiv versions opens it(even new beta). I bought a CD in shop and i dont believe it can be so new that sparkiv cant handle that....


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think after the latest patch for EFLC the game files have been encrypted to disallow modding. I haven't really looked into it much, but that's what I heard.



The trainer you are thinking of is probably Simple Native Trainer.


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