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Minigun Firetruck Mod


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Hello everyone

I'm relativly new here.

I have a question about modding the firetruck. Is it possible to change the waterthrower into something with a bigger punch?

I changed the skin and handling from the firetruck into the Noose APC (like the one from the ballads of gay tony), but it still only shoots water of course.

Now I wonder if someone could tell me how I can exchange the waterthrower with the minigun from the Noose attackhelicopter (or at least an M4 with infintie ammo).


Best wishes to the modding community!


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Does nobody have an idea how I could make the waterthrower of the firetruck more leathal?

Or would it be possible to add the skripts etc from the APC of the ballads of gay tony in order to get a functional APC into the basic GTAIV?

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Holy sh*t that sounds funny LOLOL. My guess is that you could go into WEAPONS.XML and replace the flamethrower (This is used for the cannon) with the Minigun (Used for annihilator), tell me how that goes because I might be wrong.

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