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GTA Anderius help


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Ok so here's the deal, everytime I press the conversation yes/no keys, a ped spawns. I have no idea which part of GTA Anderius is doing this. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I figured out why it happened, the ped spawn script is in the main.scm, but when I tried to change/recompile the script,

The message "not enough actual parameters. Expected 9 params" appeared as because of:


0004: 1 = 100.0  // Note: the incorrect math opcode was used here


0000: NOP

0004: 0.0 = 0.0  // Note: the incorrect math opcode was used here

0A03:  unknown_gang_war_in_progress

0600:  actor stopped_on_foot


(The blue text)

I'm a little new to cleo scripting so please excuse my noobishness

I'm not exactly sure how to fix this issue, help?


It's clear that the main.scm was never compiled correctly to begin with(still a great script though), nor can it be recompiled by sanny builder without major fixing.

(also, if it's against the rules for me to post other modder's codes, sorry)

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