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GTA 2 network game


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I just downloaded GTA 2 from the rockstar site, and for some reason I can't get the network game to open, I type in my friend's IP address, and I hit start network game, and nothing happens. things seem to load but nothing, then I look in my task manager and GTA2.exe is running but all I can see is the GTA2 manager

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ok well I was doing this on my friend's laptop, I had my computer ready to go, a match created and everything, but when he tried to open the "game finder" if you will, it just wouldn't open, only the GTA manager was open. Once he connected to another router (we were previously on the same one) he could open the game finder. however he couldn't see the match I created. I did forward the ports with my router and nothing, so I tried to connect to a match he created but couldn't see his (while he was on the other router).


we also tried connecting our computers directly but couldn't see our matches (I think we did the com 1 and such wrong)


I'm going to try that link elypter gave me





I downloaded it and installed it, but now I am unsure of how to create a game.


Also, installing that seems to have created a totally other drive on my computer (T).. space is identical to my system hard drive..


i'm running windows 7 x64 I don't know if that's a problem


Ok, I got a game created (I had to update gta2) and my friend was able to connect to my "server" but then a window pops up, similar to vanilla network creator, but he can't see my name in there to join.. now what?

Edited by M_Nation
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it's ok that the virtual drive T: appears. it is created by the simple command 'subst t: "<gta2 folder>"'

It is used for static references in reg files. In other words: you don't have to select files and folders when starting gamehunter the first time.


it can easily deleted by 'subst /d t:' or maybe even disappears after reboot.



did you go through this tutorial?



don't you know what to do at one of the steps or did you already try everything?



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  • 2 years later...

Either you or your friend (or both) haven't forwarded your router ports. Both players have to forward the port range 2300-2400 and port 47624 TCP/UDP. You can read this guide for help http://portforward.com/english/application.../GTA2Mindex.htm (find your router model in the list and read instructions. If that's not the problem, report again please



Can you help me and my friends ?

Some time ago we and my friends downloaded GTA2 in rockstar homepage, and started to play it using LAN (IP conecction for direct play) using switcher. Our favorit was Tiny town :)

Then we wanted diferet small maps to play, and I find them, downloades them and extracted. some maps didn t work out.

next step was downloadind leatest wersion of gta 2 and then I succseed to create a game with the New tiny maps - but BIGEST problem, Why annyone else can not find(see in loby) created game ?

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