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Games for windows live?


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Hey my name is ArvidsZon and i have recently installed GTA IV on my new computer and I've got a bit of a problem

when i am in game and that is that i cant get the "games for window live" popup when i press "home" button,

any suggestions?

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In this case you'll probably have to settle with xliveless. In this case you don't need to create any accounts, you can save the game normally.

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so wheres the gfwl fix that does not involve massive system adjustments??

seriously, don't even try to suggest reinstalling or re downloading patch nor insinuate my client is ripped.



oh wait there is none



are they just going to leave it this way?



no they will continually suggest ways of trying to trick or bypass their own fail coding to children who just want to play games



my windows is chinese, where is event viewer? and where are the logs. sorry i don't know all this stuff cause im 11 years old.



so whats the majority resolution?



settle for no multiplayer


fkn extremely disappointed thats why i bought it

truly pathetic, wtf should i have to troll forums for a solution to no avail


microsoft don't give a sht about rockstar else it would be fixed


dont bother replying, no one cares

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