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007 GoldenEye


Recommended Posts


user posted image

Original GoldenEye 007 video game copyright to RareWare and Nintendo - 1997. GoldenEye story is Copyright to Ian Flemming


If you don't know/remember this game then you don't know anything about games at all. GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 (which was based off the Ian Flemming film of the same name) was an absolute blockbuster and one of the first RTS games ever made. They even made a Wii remake of it!


Now here is something I've been wanting to do for months, bring the GoldenEye missions into DYOM. With almost 7 missions consisting of almost 20 levels that have nothing to do to San Andreas. This is going to be an incredibly difficult task. But... I'm off to a good start!


This game came out in 1997, level design is a lot different. I have tried to re-create levels as good as I can. It will use both the game and the movie! Meaning that extra dialouge and things that were not in the game but were still in the movie will still be added. As well as a few other things...


For those of you who are not familiar with the GoldenEye storyline, here is a short synopsis detailing the missions that you will be downloading (as per currently created missions):





Note: "Present" in this storyline means 1995.


Quick List


Mission 1: Arkangelsk - Nine Years Ago (done)


-Dam (done)

-Facility (done)

-Runway (done)


Mission 2: Severnaya - Four Years Ago (done)


-Surface (done)

-Bunker (done)


Mission 3: Kirghizstan - Two Years Ago (done)


-Silo (done)


Mission 4: Monte Carlo - Present (done)


-Frigate (done)


Mission 5: Severnaya - Present (Being Created)


Chimpso: Yes, Bond makes a return to the Siberian Wasteland and the Severnaya Bunker.



-Surface (Being Created)

-Bunker (Not Started)


Mission 6: St. Petersburg - Present (Not Started)


-Statue (Not Started)

-Archives (Not Started)

-Streets (you'll love this one biggrin.gif) (Not Started)

-Depot (Not Started)

-Train (Not Started)


Mission 7: Cuba - Present (Not Started)


-Jungle (Not Started)

-Control (Not Started)

-Caverns (Not Started)

-Cradle (Not Started)




Mission 1: Arkangelsk -- 9 years before present...


Mission 1.1: Dam


user posted image


MI6 have sent James Bond (007) on an assignment with his best friend and partner; Alec Trevalyan, to destroy a Soviet Chemical Warfare Facility in the USSR. With Alec Trevalyan already in the facility, Bond must reach a suitable spot on the Byolemore Dam where he can bungee jump the the facility below. He must first take out guards, alarms and place a bug on a communications antenna...


Mission 1.2: Facility


Chimpso: My personal favourite mission and a turning point in the story.


user posted image


James bungee jumps down to the facility and enters thtough the air vents. Emerging in the bathroom. 007 Must disable the remote security doors, allowing him accsess to the laboratory area in the facility. He must then avoid scientist casulties and speak to an undercover agent in the facility (Codenamed Dr. Doak) who gives him a door decoder to open the door behind which Alec Trevalyan is waiting to rendevous with him in the chemical storage room. James plants charges on the tanks. But something terrible happenes. Alec Trevalyan is killed by a Russian Colonel called Ouroumov. 007 needs to escape now!


Mission 1.3: Runway


user posted image


Leaving the facility behind, Bond rushes to a nearby runway. He takes out guards and gets the plane's iginition key. He then runs towards the plane, pursued rutheslley by Colonel Ouroumov and his men. He steals a plane and escapes from Arkangelsk.


Mission 2: Severnaya 4 years before present...


Mission 2.1: Surface 1


user posted image


Bond has a new assignment in Siberia. A large shipment of advanced comupter hardware and skilled millitary personell have been sent to an old Satellite Control Bunker in Severnaya. Bond arrives on the surface of the frozen wasteland. He disables the bunkers communications syetem and steals important building plans to it. He then enters the bunker through a ventilation shaft.


Mission 2.2: Bunker 1


user posted image


Chimpso: This one will be hard. Look around for hidden weapons and armor.


Bond infiltrates the bunker. And now must disable the security systems. He meets heavy resistance however and rushes to the control room. After he copys the key to the GoldenEye (a new space weapon developed by Russia) and leaves the original copy behind, he photographs the radar screen and orders a nearby programmer named Boris to deactivate the secuity. Boris clumsily sets off the alarm instead and 007 needs to escape quickly.


Mission 3: Kirghizstan 2 years before present...


Mission 3.1: Silo


user posted image


Bond is sent to Kirghizstan to investigate a missile silo that is undertaking a strange amount of missile firing tests. MI6 believes that the missiles are being used to launch Russia's new space weapon "GoldenEye" into orbit. 007 must infiltrate the facility, minimise scientist casulties, obtain the satellites data and take a picture of the nearby prototype GoldenEye. Bond then must destroy the facility and escape.


Mission 4: Monte Carlo - Present...


Mission 4.1: Frigate


user posted image


Present, 007 has been sent on an assignment to investigate a new millitary helicopter (the "Pirate") which was supposedly stolen by the mysterious new Janus crime syndicate. He arrives on a nearby French Frigate called "La Fayette" and must eliminate Janus marines and free any hostages before disableing a bomb on the ship's bridge and planting a tracer bug on the Pirate Helicopter.


More soon!


Please download and tell me what you think!




More soon!

Edited by Chimpso
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The Characters


James Bond


user posted image


James Bond, Codenamed 007, is a 00 Agent working for the infamous British MI6. He is highly trained in the use of many weapons and gadgets, plus vehicles. He is considered one of MI6's top agents, and handles their most dangerous assignments.


Alec Trevalyan


user posted image


Alec Trevalyan, codenamed 006, also works for MI6. He is Jame's Bond's partner and best friend. They share everything together. Alec is the more cocky one of the duo. and has loyalty to his friends.




user posted image


Arkady Ourumov is a high ranking officer in the Soviet army. He has recently (Present) been made the head of the space division and overseeing it's projects.




user posted image


Boris Grishenco is a computer programmer who works at the Severnaya bunker. He now (present) is apparently working for the Janus crime syndicate.



The Enemies


Russian Soldier


user posted image


Russian Soldiers are basic infantry that operate as guards in high-security areas. Despite this, they are well trained and still pose a threat, especially in large numbers. Russian Soldiers are equipped with KF7 Soviets, and some high-ranking soldiers are equipped with Klobbs.


Russian Guard


user posted image


The Russian Guard guards small installations or off-limit zones. Highly Trained, but inexperienced, this guard is easily distracted and easy to take care of. These guards are equipped with KF7 Soviets.


Russian Elite


user posted image


The Russian Elites are the most highly skilled soldiers in the Russian Army. They usually respond to security alarms and threats against high priority locations. Highly trained marksmen experienced in the use of KF7s, Klobbs and DD44 Dostelevis, they are also equipped with body armour. Eliminate them as soon as you see them.


Arctic Commando


user posted image


The arctic commando is Russias standard response to defence in the Siberian Wastelands. They are equipped with camoflage gear and KF7s. Some are equipped with sniper rifles and elite soldiers are armed with Klobbs.


Russian Commandant


user posted image


The Russian Commandant is the comanding officer of a location. He is generally a poor soldier overall, but his DD44 Dostelevi packs a punch, especially at close range. Some are also equipped with PP7s.


Russian Infantry


user posted image


Russian Infantry are standard soldiers of the russian army. They usually guard areas of millitary importance. Highly trained and accurate soldiers. They are usually armed with KF7 Soviets.


Janus Marine


user posted image


The Janus Marine is the standard soldier for the Janus Crime Syndicate. Armed with D5Ks, they are very powerful in large numbers or small spaces. If there are too many, retreat and take them out from a distance.

Edited by Chimpso
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Looks awesome. Like always, great work, Chimpso! Going to check this out.



leoncj LOLS
Edited by leoncj
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General Scrotum

Going to play them when I finish the missions lists. biggrin.gif

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Thanks for the comments guys smile.gif. But I have to ask, have any of you actually played 007 GoldenEye?

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Thanks for the comments guys smile.gif. But I have to ask, have any of you actually played 007 GoldenEye?

Ummm... no. But I saw GoldenEye 007 Wii Trailer on YouTube and it was AWESOME. I think your missions will be awesome too

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The Wii versions are dramatically different from the Nintendo 64 versions (which I'm basing mine off of). I chose the N64 version because it is old, and level design is quite simple (so I can somewhat duplicate it). But there are unfixable obstacles in GTA SA, such as lack of snow for instance (I have to pass off sand as snow tounge.gif), and I've had to do a lot of interior building with objects.

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I havent played but i have seen trailer anyway i have WII

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I don't played the original,but this 3 missions was awesome.

The presentation is very good.

The design is absolutly good.

The dialogs are awesome (when the man is countdown)

Overall I like these missions.Very nice work Chimpso! icon14.gif

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Why u say it to him u should sy it to me


And its not these missions are suck


its these missions suck


but in my opinion those missions are really good i liked 007 missions im waiting more

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Don't look at the Wii trailers for insight. The level design in Wii is nothing like the original.


Here is the original facility level for reference:



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Everything in mission is Sucks, Now How Do you Feel Chimpso?


Chimpso laughs his ass off at a pathetic attempt at a personal attack


What have I done to you? Apart from telling you to man up and stop acting like a baby. Which is what everyone has been wanting to tell you anyway.


I don't care what you think about my missions. You haven't even played them. Everyone else says they are good, and one newbie to the forums says they suck.


Who do you think I'm going to believe?

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Don't reply. He's trying to get attention. Ignore him and he'll go away. I've already reported him.


EDIT: TonyCJ. Stop trying to defend me. I can fight for myself.

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Really i apologized and now u starting to act like a baby i think u havent even played those missions those missions are good


1.theres lot of objects i like it


2.much shooting i like it


3.i cant wait for more from Chimpso hes good designer and u not gonna tell him these missions suck

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Okay! Okay! Sorry, I Apologize For Everything I Do....Just Be A Good Friends Together smile.gif

Sorry mate. Too late.


Anyways. Now that this bullsh*t is settled. On with... whatever we were talking about, eh?

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General Scrotum

You want to be friend with them after eight of your posts were reported?


Anyway, you should ignore him guys. Well, I should say you should have ignored him. You might get a warning when the Moderators see this argue.

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Wtf man now u sorry u say they sucked and spam Chimpso topic i dont forgive you be more friendlier and then i maybe forgive you good luck haha tounge.gif


i ignore him now i dont reply him

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General Scrotum
Wtf man now u sorry u say they sucked and spam Chimpso topic i dont forgive you be more friendlier and then i maybe forgive you good luck haha tounge.gif


i ignore him now i dont reply him

You should stop or you may get a warning for continuing to meaningless argue.

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Lets get back on track. Enough. Please... not another comment about jetjain or his spamming. And, to jetjain, not another comment from you (you can understand why).

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