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Your experiences with plasma tv's

Finn 7 five 11

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Finn 7 five 11

This wouldn't have fit in the random questions thread as i need many opinions and my question would have soon been forgotten.


Anyway my question is have any of you experienced plasma burn in?

How old was/is the Plasma?

What brand was the plasma, high end or el-cheapo?


You see i want to buy a plasma for its superior colour, and most manafacturers say burn-in is a thing of the past, i don't quite believe this so i need some help from people with experience.

(I am not a tv noob i know about the 100hours wear in and the why plasmas burn in ect ect)


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My cousin has a plasma TV and one day he said fuel low and it was like WTF?! So he bought it to a gas station and they gave him natural gas which

cost $3.95 per gallon. His plasma is like a gas guzzler and cost him over $100 bucks!


Plasma gets hot so they have a fan, this cools down the vital components, but also creates noise. To some, the preinstall fan may not satisfied the owner

and thus they'll add additional fans to the set.

As for burn in, it will happen if you have the image set there for a long period of time. If you're not using, it just turn if off.

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Burn-in only really happens when the image is a bright white and is there for a really really really long time. This is what computer screen savers where made to prevent as well.


If you're flipping channels a lot then burn in isn't too much of an issue.

If you're sticking to one channel, say like a 24/7 news channel that has a lower third (the scrolling ticker at the bottom) then you might want to worry to some point, but still doubtful.

Burn-in is the reason why more and more channels are using a more muted grey logo in the corner of the screen rather than a bright white one like they use to. They also will some times remove it for a short period to help further reduce the effect.


I do remember a tech show that use to air and a guy called in because he had an issue with burn-in on his plasma. However this was the early days of plasma, so much so to give you a time line it was back turning 9/11 and the war after where the news channel he was watching was doing hours and hours of constant coverage so he ended up with part of the lower third on his screen and the news channel logo burned in to the screen.


TVs these days will have their own screen saver and many set-top-boxes and DVD/blu-rays players do as well. So there's another reason to have any less to worry about.

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Finn 7 five 11

SO basically it isn't a problem if you take a little bit of caution, so it won't burn in unless your a goof.

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I have a brand new fairly high end plasma and it suffers from burn in but it isn't as bad as you think.


If you play a game with a HUD or watch one channel for ages then yes when you change station it will still be there faintly but will be gone in a couple of minutes, or even faster if you use the built in burn cleaner which I am guessing most will have.


It is worse when you first get it but it takes less and less time to clear.



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