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Guess the movie from the still

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I'm gonna slip one in here before Road Runner.  

You got it, bro. I was hoping those Drac food pellets would seal the deal.     On the subject of screens, one of the reasons I don't post here much anymore is because I cap all of my own screens

The Score. Someone may take my turn.

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Nope. Will nip this in the bud and say that the film is not spider related. You won't be able to guess the name from the still, you will have needed to see the film.

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Hah, pretty great flick. Crazy "game" they have in it. And yes, you're definitely right, you'll have had to have seen it to know it. And if you watched it, you should know it right away.


The movie is called 13.


user posted image

Edited by Pico
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Small Soldiers. That movie freaked me out a little when I saw it as a kid, particularly the garbage dispenser bit.


A relatively easy one:


user posted image

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Vanilla Shake
Pretty sure it's 'Porky'. Not 100% sure though so I'm gonna wait till I post another one.

Yes, it is from the first Porky's.

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A Film With Me In It?



I'm only guessing that because the guy looks like Dylan Moran (main character from Black Books)

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ok you guys were so good at guessing the other movies, i thought you'd have this one in a second.


well the main actor was in the harry potter series...

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Can't think of what that would be... and seeing as it's been a week, I'm jumping in. Sorry, Don.


I don't want to keep adding to the rules, but it'd be best to throw in a hint or two after a day or two when no responses are made. Then if no correct guesses are made, someone else jump in? Don't want the thread dying.


user posted image

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