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Guess the movie from the still

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I'm gonna slip one in here before Road Runner.  

You got it, bro. I was hoping those Drac food pellets would seal the deal.     On the subject of screens, one of the reasons I don't post here much anymore is because I cap all of my own screens

The Score. Someone may take my turn.

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Jaws. Next time don't post one with the title in the file name.


Edit: Seems that someone answered before me.

Edited by Claude Speed.
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Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas smile.gif Just wathed Gonzo the other night. Great doc about Hunter.


I'll let someone take the next one as I'm in work and wont really be able to grab a still...

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I was hoping the nervous tick he had with his hand over his face, plus half of Crowe's face behind the pane of glass covered in calculations would be easy enough, lol. Love that movie!


Didn't have a chance to comment on The Virgin Suicides on my last post. I definitely love the movie. It's got an awesome eerie vibe through out the whole thing. I love the boys' unexplainable obsession with the sisters and the outcome of their oppressive lifestyle enforced by strict, old-fashioned parents. It has a surreal feeling while still remaining completely realistic... if that makes sense, lol.

Edited by Pico
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Excuse the delay... We should probably let someone else take the turn if six/twelve hours pass and no-one answers. Here's my imagine nonetheless:

The Godfather: Part 2


user posted image

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