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Shockingly Terrible Performance


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My PC isn't exactly new, but it was pretty decent for the time i bought it, which was AFTER GTA4's release. I know it it supposed to be a crappy port but this is ridiculous. Im getting 10-15 FPS on basically lowest settings at 1280x1024. Here are my specs.


Intel Quad Core Q8400 @ 2.66GHZ

4GB Ram

9800GT 1GB


Surely i shouldn't be getting 15fps with these specs? Also im getting 40-50 When indoors but my fps drops DRAMATICALLY when i go outside. Help?

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Lower view and draw distances, try them both at 0, and then work your way up, find the balance. 9800GT should handle the game at atleast 30 fps outdoors at that res.\


If you're below Patch 6 ( -, then try shadow density on 0 as well. If on patch 6 or 7, lower shadows to medium, that's about the equivalent of the high shadow res in the old patches.

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literally everything is on minimum now, same resolution, this is really, really annoying. Why should this not run decently at LOWEST settings when its visuals aren't even special, when UT3 runs at full settings flawlessly... sad.gif

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