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[Help] GTA SAN Rigging problem.


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Okay this might not be the right place to post this, if not i'm sorry. Okay well i've been trying to learn how to rig GTA SAN skins using 3Ds Max. I've got my skin and my mesh, I've used all the steps in this guide video here -

- but for some reason I making a mistake.


The thing is when I've attached the skin to the mesh and then delete the rest like it show in the guide when it becomes time to move the bone with the skin/mesh only the bone moves and not the skin.


I'm not sure why it's doing this because I've followed all the steps the video shows. The skin I'm useing is csbigbear.dff and the fam1.dff skin. I turn csbigbear.dff into a .3DS file, import it into the program and from there follow the video guide.

I'm thinking maybe I'm going wrong some where before the video... confused.gif


Does anyone here know anything that can help me?

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