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Which Theme should be more important in Chapter 3  

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  1. 1. Which Theme should be more important in Chapter 3

    • Gangster Theme (like the beginning and near the end of Chapter 1- battling all the gangs and gangwars)
    • Police Theme (Like Chapter 2- Working with the cops)
    • Mafia Theme( Well Chapter 3.. Working with the Mafias like Russians, Triads and Da Nang)

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For those who are reading this know I just completed Chapter 2 of LVC and yea it took awhile, especially since I dont upload missions everyday.. lol this pack takes so long that Leoncj got 4-5 mission packs done tounge.gif. Now Im not stopping because I have the story planned out and there are 2 more Mission Packs after this that are somewhat Parallel to this one.


Idk how many people play the missions I make and how many people enjoy it, but for those who do play and make it less waste of time thanks! Now 2 people responded and said they liked chapter 2.


Chapter 1: Gangsta theme/more storyline

Chapter 2: Police/Gangsta Theme/ Alot more gunfighting!


Chapter 3: Mixture of Mafia/Gangsta/ Cop Theme


The poll is on what theme do you want to see more in Chapter 3?


Even though the decision is my choice.. and they will have all of the themes in it, If I can get a good vote then I will try to add more of that theme in than the others.


BONUS QUESTIONS- not related to theme, but something I might consider.


So alot of people know DYOM v6 came out and the new storyline feature is here. I will admit the missions take a long time for me and I bet some people would love it to be faster. So heres the questions:


1. Do you want me to make Chapter 3 using the storyline feature?

2. Or should I continue making one mission at a time?


Advantages of Storyline feature

- Once it is finished you will have alot of missions to play at your own pace and get them done alot faster

-Less time clicking all the downloads

-If I make storyline, It can substitute for a zip file of all the missions


Disadvantages of Storyline

-You have to wait until I complete most of the chapter or 24 missions.

- It might be hard to bug test each mission

I dont know anymore disadvantages


So I dont wanna list every advantage or disadvantage.. but I try some new things with storyline feature.


Anyway thanks for reading and playing the first 2 chapters of LVC and wish me goodluck on however I start chapter 3. tounge.gif



EDIT: Also Expect a zip.file of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 put together soon!





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Some mafia theme would be a nice spin.

About the bonus questions, you can try the storyline feature if you want.

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Vote: Cop Theme


1. Do you want me to make Chapter 3 using the storyline feature?

2. Or should I continue making one mission at a time?


2 !

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About the Story line feature.. nothing is necessarily stopping me from doing individual and storyline. I could just save the missions on the mission menu as well.



The disadvantage of that though would be You wont spawn in front of the house anymore with available powerups. The powerups will automatically be added to inv.


Also you spawn somewhere else. So it can work both ways. I will just say this : Powerups wont matter in the beginning because Markus's weapons and car is confiscated for his bail out of prison!

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even though I'm not sure how many more will vote, if you want to vote, you still can, because I haven't made every mission yet. tounge.gif




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