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Pls Help!Grand Theft auto IV has encountered a prb


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Can someone please help me??(I am an asian,so english might be abit suck)


I don't know what happen to my GTA IV,i just installed 3 days ago mean saturday,and I can play,everything work fine,even i put high graphic also no lagging and work damn fine,but i think is after i install what xlive-resxxxxble made my GTA IV gone problem,it just come out Grand Theft Auto IV has encountered a problem and need to close.Then i try reinstall,but still get the same problem!what happen to my GTA IV?before can play but now cant,is it the gamesforwindows make one?I already uninstall it,but still having the problem,now i cant play it already T.T...Help me..someone!


My graphic card is Asus Eah5670 series,window xp service pack 3,please help..i desperate for my GTA IV..T.T


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