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youtube uploading problems


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I want to upload gameplay videos on youtube and have done so far but what really is a pain are the **** uploading times angry.gif


I have patience to wait for longer size uploads but the "advanced" upload feature introduced by youtube is complete misleading as it never resumes my uploads.


I want some help in this regard. how to make my uploads faster (average 100 mb uploads per video).

Also how you guys upload HD vids and facing no problems at all??? sarcasm.gif


pls suggest some tips!! thanks..

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Mostly depending on your internet connection.
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100MB typically takes 30 minutes for me, from home. If you want to get fast uploads, your best bet is to compress before uploading.  H264 tends to be the best.

Guys .. ph34r.gifsuicidal.gif

Its not the problem of the size, quality or H.264.

I upload HD F4V files and have done completely but going through 2 days of stops and resumes by youtube site just not resuming. dozingoff.gif


any suggestions ... bored.gif




Cmon ..friends there has to be solution for uploads!!..


Compression will make HD format scale down the quality and audio too that sounds like murmuring chipmunks..which i want to stay away from unless a good one available.


Have few things to clear out before say end to the topic so pls take a note of the following...


1. Is it possible to make java run applet of youtube resumable??..

2. any softwares for resuming youtube uploads jst like downloads??..

3. a good compressor sneaky2.gif that SHOULD not mess my good HD quality but kills the size..and i mean the best quality compressor for HD formats

4. lastly pls forward this to an expert...thanks



Edited by shrekdj
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You need Java 1.5 or later for the advanced mode to work. Make sure the Java icon appears in your tray (if on Windows).

Sadly, I've tried it too and it doesn't resume like it says but it doesn't seem to stop either like normal.

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You could try importing the file into movie maker and compress it.
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Movie maker for HD?? codec errors and Fraps high fps makes it vulnerable as compressor.


I use AVS for conversion and works like a clean tool to convert a 3 GB file to 130-150MB HD video with no compromise over quality.


Java applet shows up in the tray icon but it doesn't help to resume.


I have mailed to youtube team about the matter for improvisation and a good fix to their advanced hopeless uploader. dozingoff.gif


thank you all for the help.. smile.gif

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