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[CLEO 4] Gang Recruitment System


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Damn the tiny topic description..






	+---------------------------+|  Gang Recruitment System  |+---------------------------+Blah, blah.. this mod lets you have more control of recruited gang members, etc. etc.Simply recruit any number of members to your group. Now they are part of the group, aiming at them will reveal an icon above their heads. If you press the [CONVERSATION YES] key (usually Y - I like Num7) the icon will light up, indicating that they're selected to do what you command.Now the selected members can do any of the following actions.* Attack Car [CONVERSATION NO]* Attack Ped [CONVERSATION NO]* Go To Ped  [CONVERSATION YES]For example, to attack a ped.. Simply aim at any ped and press the [CONVERSATION NO] (usually N - I like Num3) key. All selected members will attempt to kill the ped.To make members go to a ped, press the [CONVERSATION YES] and they will go to the ped. "Conversation Yes" indicates a posotive action, while "Conversation No" indicates a negative action.I'l work on adding more actions in the future... Possibly including the ability to control members' driveby's and maybe car driving.



Yeah, I'm too lazy to write a fresh description...


I wasn't going to release this quite so undeveloped... but I'm tired of trying to get the gang members to all get in a car properly tounge.gif

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Yeah, probably you're using other mod that uses text draw tounge.gif

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Unfortunately, textures aren't unique to threads... they all seem to be stored in a special TXD space referred to as "script" or something. There's probably ways to prevent overwriting of loaded textures, but I doubt it would be noob friendly tounge2.gif

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Nice idea ! Definately gonna try this one out smile.gif


How bout, depending on how many times you press that 'action', depends on how many homies go and perform the action


E.G - You have recruited 7 homies. Aim @ a car, and press 'conversation no' 4 times to send 4 homies off to attack the car, the other 3 will stand by you.

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yea would be very handy when makin gta video, the san an studio is 2 troublesom for me

btw where r the overhead chat txds used in the game without this mod? they look fresh to me

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