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Getting GTA 4 to run well on my PC (Another one!)

Rick D

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Hi everyone, I know there are multiple threads on tis but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I just cannot get GTA 4 running smoothly, I have put up with it lagging up until now (40% game completion) but I'd really like to get it runningproperly, can anyone suggest some setttings;


PC Spec;


Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 3.16 Ghz

4GB DDR3 Ram

250 gb HDD 7200rpm

ATI HD 4650 1Gb Graphics

Win 7 32 bit


I'd appreciate any tips on getting the game to run well, I've all different graphics settings and currently have everything set to medium with 1280 x 720 res. The graphics card monitor at the bottom of the graphics says I'm using 320mb of Vram


Thanks for any advice you may be able to give


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Lower the shadow settings, put distance details and draw distance to like 25-35, water on medium, ref on medium, texture on high, see if that works.
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I actually had the settings lower than that but have changed them to what you suggested, it didn't help at all confused.gif


Any other ideas?

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First of all ...


Defragment your disks, download Defragmenter from Piriform or use the Microsoft one that comes with Your PC, more about this on Google. I mean I can't explain You everything like where is the file etc.


Delete un-needed files, like you install some game, you don't even play it but it's there, and programs too ...


Disk Clean-Up - Google it


Download some Anti-Virus and Full scan your PC in Safe Mode, i strongly recommend you for Anti-Virus to use Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 as the 2011 version slowed my PC a lot ...


After that driver comes ...

Download latest driver for your graphic card.

Download latest driver for your sound card.


Clean up desktop, I see lot of people have desktop full of nothing, i mean one movie there one movie there, put all that things in one folder ! Like one folder called Desktop, You open it and there are more folders like Movies, Games, Programs ...


If you are still lagging, but you shouldn't be ... try putting in commandline.txt this:


-percentvidmem "100"




Enjoy your playing ! smile.gif

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