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Windows 7 64-bit xlive.dll problems


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Hey all, my humblest apologies if this is the incorrect forum.


I recently installed gta IV on my new PC, it runs windows 7 in 64-bit. Since I don't want to play through the game again, I want to download and use save game files.


For this, I have gathered I need xliveless, which so far I've had no luck getting to work.


If I follow the instructions, It says I need to extract the xlive.dll to my GTA IV root directory, for me I believe this is located here


user posted image


But when I try to extract it there I get this error:


user posted image


When I attempt to simply cut and paste xlive.dll into this folder it appears to be successful, however when I execute LaunchGTAIV.exe the game does not run. I can hear the disk spin up, but the program never actually executes. The only way to fix this to remove the xlive.dll file.


The readme's also seem to say that it should be extracted to Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV/GTAIV, but I don't see the latter GTAIV folder and I am certain that I have checked show hidden files and folders. This may be related to the problem or it could just be that the readme's were written for XP.


Help would be greatly appreciated,









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