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"GTA5" hidden on GameStop's PowerUp Reward website


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The title says it all. I was on the GameStop PowerUp Rewards website and I was adding Gta 4 to my game's library. I typed in "Grand Theft Auto" hoping to find GTA4, But I noticed a game by the name of "Grand Theft Auto 5" sitting there... I'll try to attach a picture to this topic. I'm still kinda rusty so sorry if this picture doesn't show up.


Sorry if this has been posted before.


Anyways, Feel free to discuss this here.


And no, Don't even try to tell me that this picture is a fake because I took it as a screen shot. If you still don't believe me, Go on the GameStop PowerUp Rewards website and see for yourself.


I found this by going to their website: http://www.poweruprewards.com

Then I logged in and went to "My Game Library", and I went to "Add Games", Then I typed in "Grand Theft Auto" and I happened to see "Grand Theft Auto 5"



Do you guys/gals think that this may mean that GTA5 is coming soon? It looks like GameStop is already preparing for the announcement of GTA5.




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