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GTA IV RAM issues


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How does RAM affect GTA IV's performance? I currently have 2GB ram and I am considering increasing it for better performance.

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RAM's very important for a game like GTA4. An upgrade would definitely enhance your system and game. Also, make sure you have the right OS which would occupy almost all of your RAM and not have any unused memory. Finally, just ensure you have a good GPU and CPU to avoid bottlenecking issues.

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2GB RAM for GTA IV is very, very borderline. To make sure there is going to be no memory swapping, I suggest you get 3GB or RAM or more

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I use Vista 64 bit (yeah, I know). I have run GTA:IV with just 4GB RAM, but I got paging after an hour or so of playing which caused me some stuttering. I had two choices, upgrade my O/S to Win7 64bit (because it has a smaller memory footprint) or upgrade my RAM to 8GB. The RAM upgrade was a third of the price of the O/S upgrade, so it won. Now I'm running GTA:IV just fine. Having done this I find GTA:IV tends to top out at around 2.6GB memory usage according to Task Manager.


For sane people who are in a position to, I'd recommend 64 bit Windows 7 and a minimum of 4GB RAM for running GTA:IV.


If you're on a 32 bit O/S the highest usable RAM you can go to is approx 3.25GB, which in my opinion isn't quite enough for GTA:IV, which is why I reckon you're better off moving to 64 bit if you can.

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