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Testing with codes for added vehicles


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Darn accidentally erased first copy so here goes again.


I have been able to add cars, planes tanks, to gta sa without replacing them using blank ID's.


Problems: Special abilities hardcoded into the game have presented a problem for certain vehicle types.


Planes with retracting landing gear, and other special abilities, I have not been able to get functioning correctly.


Certain car mods I have not been bale to get working


Tanks turrets I have been able to get working only with the assistance of Alexander blades special ability adder and a cleo script for shooting canons missiles.


I have had much success but am still far away from my goal.

I am looking for a mod that will allow me to apply hardcoded abilities to added vehicles.

Abilities like hydra style flying, retracting landing gears, helicopter movement, tank turrets ect.


I am looking for any moddders help in finding a mod that can apply hardcoded abilities to vehicles of my choosing based on ID or model name. with this I could complete my image libraries for thousands of vehicle types and release a parent mod that would add thousands of vehicles to the game inventory. Im not worried about wear they spawn as that is a problem for another day, but if anybody has any knowledge or advice on the matter I would much appreciate assistance in making my vision a reality.


If you have any questions on how I have gotten as far as I have, feel free to ask.

Tools and Mods I have used:

Alexander Blades SpecialAbilityAdder (its Limited to car type vehicles only and can be a little touchy)

AddMoreVehicles by Alexander Blade

VehicaleAudioAdder by Alexander Blade

and Cleo because I had to resort to a script to get the tanks to fire tank ammunition.

ASI Loader



Pictures of added cars and their non-replaced counter parts: Left is added Right is Original GTA models




Will be doing more test for the next few days

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Well my advice to accomplishing this would be to take a look into the decompiled exe and uncover the hard-coded abilities of planes and certain vehicle types. Can't give new vehicles landing gear unless we know how the Shamal and Hydra have it in the first place right?


Unfortunately I haven't spent much time fishing for addresses or functions in the exe myself so don't ask me lol.


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I have noticed that all vehicles add to the game are given a default car style handling, even planes, thought the still fly, behave as a flying car, the wheels on the landing gears turn like a car, yet this does not happen with the standard hydra and shamal.


So im thinking that the game reads info from the vehicles.ide that the new entry is a "plane" or flying vehicle (no attachment to ground) and gives it a default handling line that overrides what ever other handling line and flags we insert into handling.cfg


I dont know anything about decompiling a exe, though Im sure I could learn quickly but Im sure the game designers left a back door for the game and if so Im gong to find it. If not I will do all a favor and create a modified exe that release's all vehicle limitations.

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