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GTA: Frosted Winter


Recommended Posts

New version "Snow city" exiting in december 2020. New interiers, snows, pathes, etc...

Can't leave a link. The previous topic was blocked because of this. Will there be a new version FW?

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muito provavelmente vc não vai saber oque eu estou falando mas mesmo assim, seu mod é bom demais, serio msm, passei horas me divertindo com ele, mas tinha uma pergunta, vc pretende fazer isso com outros jogos de gta também? seria muito legal uma continuação da historia do  gta vc, e vc é a pessoa certa pra fazer essa modificação com certeza, do mais, obrigado por ter feito este mod, pois vc fez muita gente como eu, ter a oportunidade de revisitar uma game antigo que nem gta 3...


um obrigado especial pra vc (im a brazilian player of this mod)

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Guys please help when i reach the yakuza apartments at the mission called everything changes my game freezes than crashes i have frame limiter on

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  • 2 months later...

I stumbled across this just yesterday thinking it was only another LC snow mod until I noticed it was actually a very detailed TC, and so I was intrigued. I spent a good while trying to install it with no luck until I found WilsonPlays' video which sorted everything out (I hadn't copied the contents of the new GTA3 folder over to main directory).


In all my years of playing the game, I've never really modded it much at all and have always considered myself sort of a GTA3 formalist. So that said, maybe it can be taken as a big compliment when I say that you did a great job with this. I'm really enjoying playing the new story and driving around the snowy and semi-new city. The new music and audio is really good, I like your use of Sledgehammer as the main theme.


Also, the Rise FM mix is got-damn legit. If anyone has a tracklist for it, I'd love to see it.

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On 2/1/2021 at 2:25 PM, Okacha said:

Guys please help when i reach the yakuza apartments at the mission called everything changes my game freezes than crashes i have frame limiter on

any solution for this yet?

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Capo_Ziyad said:

any solution for this yet?

Assuming this is the same issue I had (game soft locks at the transition screen), then I found a way that works by using the search feature in this topic.


I found two solutions, so I tried them both: after leaving the meeting I took the Porter Tunnel all the way until Shoreside Vale loaded, then turned around and drove to the Yakuza apartment. There I stopped right in front of the marker, waited ten seconds and then entered. This time it worked.


Also since I'm posting here again, some other thoughts as I'm working my way through the story:

  • The interiors in this game are really cool
  • I like the new bridge from Francis Intl to Wichita Gardens. It really makes sense as a handy addition
  • In the Shadow of the Don is quite challenging, especially when you get no prompting whatsoever from Micky that you need to haul ass clear across town after saving him. Without a clear idea of which tunnel exit to take on my way across islands, I was basically guaranteed to fail the first attempt (and I did). Still, even when knowing where to go it's very, very tough to get him there on time. But, a fun kind of tough at least.
  • Holy sh*t, is "Seize the word" a f*cking EVIL mission. Just. Why. Why? Why would you do that. It must have taken me 30 tries, not just for finding the right route but because the targets seem very temperamental and janky - sometimes they break and sometimes they don't. Easily my least favorite (read: hated) mission so far.
  • The casino missions are difficult but fun. I especially liked the first one, which implements a pretty cool stealth mechanic.
  • Just a minor sidenote: it bugs me a little that the Yakuza twins are (presumably) Japanese, but have clearly Chinese names. 😛 
Edited by Bartleby
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone!

I just want to say that this is an amazing mod, the best I have ever played for any game period. 


I also wanted to do some of my own modding of this already existing game, specifically, I want to mod the spawn areas of gangs, and I also want to make it so that the areas of each gang dynamically change as you play each mission

(for ex., after "End of the war", when you eliminate the Cartel, I want to make it so that Yakuza also take over Fort Staunton, and delete the Cartel from all the areas)

(also I want to make it so that when you start the game Trenton, Atlantic Quays and Red Light District spawn some Leones, as well as Main Drag to spawn some Mafia Sentinels...)

Those are just some of my ideas, I already made some of these in Vannila game, but here I get constant crashes when loading the game after editing Main.scm with Sanny Builder. 


I just wanted to ask if someone knows what other files do I need to edit in order for this to work, and do I need to edit MAIN.bak as well as MAIN.scm...


Thanks in advance!

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  • 1 month later...

Question: Does anybody know if it's possible to download ONLY the map changes (all new areas and such) within this mod but play regular gta 3 without the snow, frosted winter missions etc? 

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  • 2 weeks later...
Posted (edited)
can someone send me frosted winter additional audios download link?

the link on the op doesnt work anymore, atleast on my end that is.

Edited by Terrc87
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  • 1 month later...

Can someone give me the timecyc? Because it's looks cool!

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