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[SNP]Pizza Boy, Vigilante missions and Rampages V1


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I'm on these.


The save crashes... do you have any mods installed?

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Unfortunately, since you have an .scm and script mods, we cannot do SnP for you, as the SnP are for un-modded games.? Or if you have script mods, you will need to provide a copy of the modded file(s) so the helper will be able to load the save, as mentioned in the Pinned SnP topic. III and VC both have a dedicated SnP topic by the way, so Please use that for SnP's to keep your topics from being locked, as stated in the SnP rules again-pinned in the Cheats/tricks section. OR you can do the following below, which would be much faster...Here is the Pinned SnP thread, where ALL SnP's are required to go, unless you have the Steam version, since those saves are not compatible with the Retail saves, and which that version is not moddable, except for script mods like Dem's code tools...


However, if you are having trouble with missions, just use Dem's TimeVault code tool (Pinned in the General area here. it will pass ALL missions instantly for you). Just a heads up...

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