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Favourite 80's Tracks?


Recommended Posts


OOH YEAH, back from the classic WWF days.

I just loved and still do those classic Saturday Night's Main Event's from the 80's and early 90's.


And of course the classic SNME theme from the late 80's to early 90's.



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I tried to see every episode, as it stands, have two seasons on DVD, I think it ran for 5 in all?



Miami Vice ran 5 seasons from September 1984 to January 1990.

Four "Lost Episodes" aired after the Series Finale in 1989 but the very last "Lost Episode" aired later than the others in January 1990.




"New York Theme" performed by none other than the magical Jan Hammer.

Scene is from second season premiere episode "The Prodigal Son" (1985) when Crockett and Tubbs arrive in New York.

Edited by Markwey
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In the news as it happens, I believe I read their drummer got himself arrested??!!



Edited by Slamman
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And so much more. Very lucky to be surrounded by a musically-diverse family, grew up with some of these songs.



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Not bragging, but I was Alive when they broadcast Live Aid on TV, 1985, I remember Madonna on that show, she seemed a different person in those days

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I was, I was. The point is I was aware Live Aid being shown on TV, and NO IDEA if I'd ever see it again, despite Home Video being in existence, no one had any idea what would be archived to DVD or BluRay, or even LaserDisc, much less "video", so I was not in the best mood having missed plenty of these events in days past

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The point is I was aware Live Aid being shown on TV.

Live Aid and Live 8 where both about a 15 minute ride from my house(8 was actually closer). I din't go to either event tounge2.gif



Please tell me I'm not the only one here who remembers Art of Noise.




Oh and how about some Chipmunk Punk? I actually owned this album when it came out.








Ok how about something from what I was listening to in the 80s? Why not - I'm here


Edited by trip
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If I lived to near where US Festival took place on Memorial Day in 1983, you can bet every dollar you have, I would have made every attempt to be there! That I still remember hearing about, some time after I saw the first North American MONSTERS OF ROCK tour in Minnesota, 1988!


Love Shooting Star, from Kansas, Mo



Edited by Slamman
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I saw the first North American MONSTERS OF ROCK tour in Minnesota, 1988!

That is funny. I was on the road with the Dead in 87 and we rolled into a little Maine town the week after Monsters of Rock. I have very fond memories of an old man coming down to camp to see what it was all about. He told me about the week before when 'Monsters' was there. He praised me on how well behaved and kind we were. He said he was going to miss being able to sit on his front porch and listen to the music after we leave.


It was a happy time....now back to posting music people happy.gif

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I had a monster headache at that gig, the Metrodome that collapsed last winter??! That's the place! I was there! hahaha


Is this 80s or late 70s??

April Wine was an 80s discovery for me I guess, or so it seems


Edited by Slamman
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Fantastic song.

You really get the 80's feeling here.

"You Belong to the City" performed by Glenn Frey.

I personally prefer Frey's singles production over the Eagles band production.

This one and "Smuggler's Blues" my favorites from Frey and both featured on Miami Vice.

Glenn Frey actually had a role in the first season of Miami Vice in 1985 and the episode's name was "Smuggler's Blues" right there.


Own all the three Miami Vice soundtrack LP's and CD's where this song is featured in the Soundtrack I.

The music video of "You Belong to the City" is from a Betamax tape and I just love the classic quality from VHS and Betamax tapes.

And the "original quality" when those episodes first aired on TV back in the 80's. The original stereo sound and the picture quality, you can't beat that.

Thinking of buying Miami Vice - The Movie (Series Pilot, 1984) Betamax tape.

First I would need a Betamax player though! Well, gotta start looking then :-)

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Yep, calling Party Town a boring song? From Glenn Frey, he's typically a love song guy, as far as his solo material, but he's done some worthy solo stuff, that included. Many people feel Glenn Frey's personality is what drove the Eagles members away, so there's reason fans are at odds with him! haha


I sold EVERY BETAMAX I owned in the course of this recession, some damn fine Sony's and two Sanyo (VCR7200 model, HiFi playback only, mono tuner!)

I recommend you get what I held on to, if you can get one still, The Sony GCS-50! I got one I'm saving! I sold a Sony SL-HF870D digital version and SL-HF750 IIRC, one with linear skate loading mech!


ALSO, Wiseguy TV series with Ken Wahl featured Glenn Frey as a music producer who aid's Ken's character in navigating the music business.


Not really my type, Rock? Ska? Punk?? You tell me..... Trip! hahaha

I've been listening to some DirecTV broadcast music channels, and I flipped on one channel and DEVO started playing, listed as the Rolling Stones, I suppose it had not updated fast enough (onscreen data)



Edited by Slamman
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Yeah, I was thinking about getting a Sony player for Beta first, but we'll see.

Pretty much any Beta player with a good price would do by now.




Great song.

Featured on Miami Vice in the fourth season episode "Love at First Sight" (1988)

They only had this one album made before they broke up in '88 I think, a year after.

The song was produced by Don Was who has produced albums for Glenn Frey, Bob Seger and The Rolling Stones among others.

Edited by Markwey
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Not really my type, Rock? Ska? Punk?? You tell me..... Trip! hahaha

From what I understand they are classed as Ska, but I never really heard them as a ska type band.


Odd selection you picked. Why not 'Our House'?




Ok ok ok...The boys in TP can make fun of me all they want with this one. Back in the 80s a troubled kid that was pretty much kicked out of every country landed in my neighborhood. He turned me onto Klaus Nomi - such to the point where I even replaced my cassettes with CDs when they became available.



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That one is too common a selection, and it came up among various suggestions, YouTube does Suggested videos rather well, I must say!

Sony are the makers of Playstation and Betamax, and Handycam, and Trinitron, only fault? Vaio! haha

Edited by Slamman
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My favorite song from Mike + The Mechanics with 'Par Avion'.

Saw the music video few years ago on VH1 or VH1 Classic.

Now saw it again some time ago.

Great song and a great message with it.

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I fear people don't get enough proper B-52s exposure.

This song is from an odd time. Late 80s - they just lost their guitarist and all. It is almost an unknown album(Bouncing off the Satellites). If you ask me it is their last good album before they went all 'love shack' stupid. Although, the album they put out a couple of years ago(Funplex) is still in my rotation.



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Here's a one-hit wonder from the 80s that I've always been into. Kinda cheesy, but I still love the song. There's some kind of charm to it, it cheers me up when I hear it.



Also, a Live Aid favorite of mine.


Honest, "Don't You (Forget About Me)" has got to be one of my favorite songs ever, and Simple Minds' performance was among favorites from Live Aid (next to Queen's and Bowie's performances, which came on before and after Simple Minds).

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