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Favourite 80's Tracks?


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I was going to go with Black Sabbath, or Van Halen, or something that just rocks my socks off. But Then I remembered one of the first songs that I ever liked. Probably the first song that I ever liked.




I was three years old, and this song was everywhere. When I listen to it, it just immediately takes me back to those days. I didn't have to worry, all I had to do was be happy. I was three years old for Christ's sake, what did I have to worry about? I think this song really set up the rest of my life. I'm incredibly easy going. I don't get mad at things a lot of people get mad at and I'm lazy as sh*t.


Too bad that piece of sh*t 'Big Mouth Billy Bass' had to ruin it.

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Have we had any or enough of The Police in here yet?



You can help with graphics for an Xbox game.  Check out this thread here at GTAF for more info.


FREE!!! FREE!!! Free copy of my crappy little Xbox/Windows game NewZerk!!! <--Click to redeem free code!


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That's hard to say because I have like four 80's favs...


Scorpions-Since I've Been Loving You



Motley Crue- Home Sweet Home



REO Speedwagon- Can't Fight This Feeling



and last but not least one of my all time favorite bands... Journey!


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Motley Crew are opening residency in Vegas! If you live in Sin City, now there'll be an appropriate soundtrack, LIVE! hahaha


I missed these tracks from Way Back!


Edited by Slamman
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Generally, i love many songs from this decade.

Now i'm listening to this.


Used to love that one - still do.


This one was in a lager ad. Bet people under a certain age have never even heard it



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Good Ol' Dickey.


My favorite song from DB.

Used to listen alot of Dickey sometime ago, then remembered "Nancy" again.

Great piece.


I'm actually not that sure when was "Nancy" first recorded, but can be found from The Allman Brothers Band album "Dreams" released in 1989.

Edited by Markwey
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I love that song myself, I don't even need to hear it proper to start bursting out in song! PHIL, love ya, babe!!

I wonder in Mr. Collins reads GTAForums, since he's a GTA fan, correct??

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I wonder in Mr. Collins reads GTAForums, since he's a GTA fan, correct??

Does anyone have any hunches as to which member he might be here on GTAF then? biggrin.gif




Now it's time for a little bit of Blues...


...Brothers that is. cool.gif



Edited by AlexGTAGamer
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Anyone with Drums and Pipes in their user name, or references thereof


I got one of those silly Money Man videos, but again, a GTA staple! As well as classic AOR rock


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80's music has, by far, the most quality music of all times and there is absolutely no enough room in the comment to put all of my favs.
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  • 2 weeks later...

It's somewhat hard to remember what all we've covered, I mean in Rate that Song as well as topics here and there, but Warren musta did this song in the 80s as I remember

Werewolves of London was a late 70s release?? I'm really slippin'



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  • 3 weeks later...

I love 80's music inlove.gif A lot of the pop from that era was pretty damn good. In fact, nearly every genre had a good stretch in the 80's. This is one of my personal staples of that era though.




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Just heard this song a few days back on VH1 and it brought back some good memories cool.gif :






Another one to add to the collection. tounge.gif



Edited by AlexGTAGamer
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Also known to GTA fans and players, not just people who lived through every month and year of that decade, as well as ones prior! hahaha




Huey Lewis just surfaced in a TV advert, I looked up the full treatment proper on YT!


Real Song ^

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I haven't checked through this entire topic. So, forgive me if my choices were already posted.


Anyways, Queensryche never fails to impress.




Am I the only one that still thinks this is still a very awesome tune?


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