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Favourite 80's Tracks?


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Holy heck... awesome tune.

Now atleast I know were the inspiration to a certain song from the soundtrack of my favorite 80's anime OVA, "Bubblegum Crisis" came from. :p

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I'm listening to this over and over and it just never gets boring.

I've started listening to this as well, I had it on repeat 15 times straight.

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  • 3 months later...

I gotta revive this since I've been gone.

Great thread, formerly 'hot topic' here apparently.


I was hoping for Internet archives that are more accurate and all inclusive, but the sad fact is it's up to those who use the Internet and STILL use it in hopes of archival purposes, not all that's new since it's inception. I call it the best Library anywhere that you can access from your home, at your leisure. Not all things will be naturally accessible, as we know regarding Copyrights and materials solely for purchase, but it still can enhance our lives to know and learn from the Vast Internet WWW interconnected databases.


The problems I see are misuse and abuse, and not valuing the content and electronic medium, which shouldn't be wholly inclusive, and isn't.

I hope what I'm trying to express makes sense. There are countless events, broadcasts, printed media that never made the electronic Internet rounds, and part of what I try and do is supplant what's missing in some small way.


Getting back to music.

Ray Gomez has little background, but you can learn a thing or two about his career from a handful of resources, as an example. I'd call his career underappreciated for sure...






Just one of many artists to put out an 80s album that is likely OOP for some years.

Out Of Print is what that means, BTW (by the way)



Styx didn't fare too well going into the 1980s, but like Pink Floyd with The Wall, really closed out the 70s decade proper!

Edited by Slamman
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Most recently digging up for my iPod The FIXX with Stand or Fall, and earlier, of course, got many favorite 80s tracks, like Teacher, Teacher, from .38 Special


1982 I feel was a magical time in music, and perhaps kick started that decade. In 1980 you had BOC Cultosaurus Erectus and Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell, along with High and Dry from Def Leppard, AC DC Back in Black and The Wall from Pink Floyd, all around that time

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I was born in 93 and never really been into 80's music but my work plays absolute 80's from 8-5 Monday - Friday and I have got to say, I am getting into it.


Not ashamed to say that I like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. A lot of others too. It has grown on me and almost makes me wish I was born in the 60s-70s to experience it with everyone else.

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Does anyone here have a guilty pleasure for that really upbeat Hi-NRG and Italo Disco music that was popular back in the day?

Hell yeah. Not so much a guilty pleasure as a full on fetish for it. The early 80s were a great time for dance music with the whole Post Disco/Italo Disco scene. Anything Larry Levan got his hands on is pure gold. I know Rockstar dug him enough to dedicate a whole station (Paradise FM) to his Paradise Garage set list.





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Stand Or Fall - The Fixx


Don't Pay the Ferryman - Chris DeBurgh




Don's song here is the track that sealed the deal for my appreciation of all things Eagles. Loved em ever since


Edited by Slamman
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More electronic/italo-disco and funk and less everything else.





Edited by OmegaEvolution
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"Don't You (Forget About Me)" performed by the Simple Minds.

From the timeless classic coming of age hit film "The Breakfast Club" soundtrack (1985).

Awesome song, awesome movie. Nothing beats the 80's.

Edited by markwey
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[/YOUTUBE] Edited by S Y E D
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You can help with graphics for an Xbox game.  Check out this thread here at GTAF for more info.


FREE!!! FREE!!! Free copy of my crappy little Xbox/Windows game NewZerk!!! <--Click to redeem free code!


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Yes Drive by The Cars is one of my favorite songs of all time, but now I'll give an quick personal story then share some sweet tracks with you guys.

I grew up on Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, ABBA etc. Anyways once I was at an game store and saw GTA 3 used, I went over to the counter and the employees could not find the disc so then I picked up GTA Vice City. Right when I got home I popped In the Disc and got into my car as Billie Jean Played while I drove through the neon and sun-soaked streets of Vice city. And after getting into the ocean view hotel quickly skipped the cutscene to drive more and listen to flash fm, emotion 98.3 and fever 103 . And thats where the magic started where I realised all the songs I loved were from the 80s. Now onto the songs(it was hard to find some since you guys got some of the best):

First some classic Madonna





Then some soundtracks:





Fun Fact before Danny Elfman composed music for movies he was part of a New Wave Band:



More to come but before I leave I must tell you all of 80s Revival Music, I came across this after watching Drive(Really great movie, I highly reccomend it)

which includes 80s revival bands/artists like Kavinsky and electric youth. Check It out:



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