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..:: Random PC Shut Down ::..


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This week for some reason my PC decided to randomly shut itself down now and then. Sometimes it does it a couple of times in few minutes, and sometimes it just keeps working. A couple of times it went blank after I accidentally hit it with my knee (system block is on the floor). My PC is very old but I never had anything like that. I cleaned it, but it done it again as soon as I loaded it up. All cables inside seems to be fine, so I assume it could be either power supply or power cable. Any thoughts?

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Yep, I recommend doing the same.


An ATX PSU would do.


Also, did you clean everything thoroughly? The heatsinks and fans specially. Could be an overheating issue.

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This happened to my really old computer, there was so much dust it completely f*cked up the PSU. As everyone else said check your PSU.

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The only way to really check the PSU is with a multimeter and then you have to know how to use and what to look for.


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You could buy a PSU now and reuse it for your new rig. So even if the issue isn't your PSU, it still wouldn't be a waste. I wouldn't get CIT though as they are low quality.


This Antec 400W would do for the card I'm planning on putting in the build (HD6870), but if you want more power so that you can upgrade in the future without having to upgrade the power supply, this Antec 520W would do smile.gif.


The best Maplin has is this FSP Bluestorm 500W (which is an excellent PSU). This would be a solid alternative to the Antec 520W too.

Edited by Warlord.
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