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[WIP|REL] Xbox Cars to PC


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Xbox Cars v0.89 has been uploaded and is pending approval from the Admin, this release is a combination of all previous releases and patches combined and also has included Xbox Wheels so there is no need to download them.

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Sorry for the double post but... I have a bug report.


The letters that appear on the side of the Benson and Rumpo are transparent. You can clearly see through them. Also, some logos on the Hotrings and Bloodrings have a part of them cut off (See: the numbers on the side of the Hotrings. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be this way).


BTW, I really like the new Rhino and Barracks, a neat addition. One thing I would change is the red frontlight on the Stinger. I prefer it orange, like the PC model, just my opinion.


I am using v0.89.



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Yeah i have thought about asking for permission, I remember yojo2 originally sent me those files but I have since misplaced them it would be nice to have the disc, also maybe even the Xbox VC boats. The bug on the vehicles with Decals is a common error with the Xbox Vehicles, If anyone has the Xbox Disc of VC could they please post in this topic as it would be nice to get the extra models off of the Disc so I could use them. (My Yankee & Packer are currently corrupted so they are not included in this release and the Stock PC VC ones are used)


One more thing to Zera I believe that if the posts are spaced apart by more and a couple of hours and they are about separate things like yours it wouldnt be a double post.

Edited by ALMOST610
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  • 2 weeks later...
Why don't you add this to your mod as well? (after asking permission, of course)




Updated bikes from Xbox version of VC.

I had asked for permission and DimZet13 would not give me a yes or no, I also asked if he had an xbox disc and all that he replied from my whole message was that yojo2 had made the Xbox Cars Already and that he did not have a disc and then gave me a link to the mod of yojo's.


I had sent back asking for a reply of yes or no to the Xbox Bikes and he has not responded, i sent that message back on the 22nd of March, I will ask again and see how it goes this time.

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Perhaps you fixed it already, but v0.89 definitely has this bug. I already tried reinstalling and rebuilding the IMG archive, but it still shows up white.



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I figured out what the problem is. It turns out GTA Mod Installer wasn't adding the pheonix.txd file to the IMG archive, because the line was missing from the script (my fault).


Anyways, sorry for the false report.



Edited by Zera
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Here is a small update for the Greenwood, the taillights needed updating in my opinion, I also replaced the steering wheel as anyone who has used this mod will know what was wrong with it.


user posted image

user posted image


- March 6, 2013 - Image Links Updated to A610 Ucoz

Edited by ALMOST610
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well, I managed to get permission for the xbox bikes and have been told the boats are the same as pc, I have also managed to get a new copy of the xbox yankee & packer, not sure who they were from as i cant check now as i am using a psp for this post, but he has been credited

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Hunter is definitely different, I can send it to you if you want (I've got it converted).

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  • 2 weeks later...
I have been thinking about that, also the Sea Skimmer but I have not yet been informed I must get on top of that and find out.

If i remember correctly,they changed every single usable vehicle. Which means that every Car/Bike/Helicopter/Planes got better models/graphics.


Anyway,looking forward to the next Version biggrin.gif

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It seems to me that not every Vehicle has improved Graphics eg. Boats didnt, Bikes seem to and some of the Heli's dont have much changed.

Edited by ALMOST610
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  • 2 weeks later...

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