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Guess the mission!


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This is a game where a random player posts either a picture or a description of any mission of the game GTA III. Every correct answer will be rewarded with 1 point. Who gets first 25 points wins the first round of the game. Every time a player wins a round, he will be written in a scoreboard.

I don't know how popular this game will be, so, for now, we'll make all rounds in this topic.

The originally game was made for GTA San Andreas, but I decided that people with GTA III should enjoy this too.

Here are the rules:

    • Don't post more than max 3 pictures, more pictures will make the player's turn to get deleted.
    • If you post more than a picture, you have 2 choices: you could either post three pictures of the same mission or three pictures of different missions.
    • If someone posts a picture and the first three answers are wrong, the player that posted the picture could give a hint. Such like "it's hard, you have to fly, or drive, etc".
    • When you take a picture on your PC, don't rename it as 'DemolitionMan.jpg', because some players will just press the 'Quote' key and see the code.
    • When you upload your picture, please do not make it bigger than 640x480 pixels. This could result a bad post.
    • This isn't a rule really, but you can upload your image with any upload service such as Imageshack, Photobucket, etc.
    • You can post pictures with cut scenes as well.
    • To make the game a little active, the one that guessed the image of the previous player, has to post the next image/or description.
    • Do not make multiple answers in a posting for a single question. One guess per posting.
    • Someone posted a picture. You answered. Someone else said his opinion too, but after that don't post again until the person that posted the picture says if any of the answers are correct or not.
    • NO more passing! This is clearly. So, you're not allowed anymore to say 'I pass', to pass over your turn, just other to post again and you to get points. Give them all a chance. So, if it's YOUR turn than it's YOUR turn.
    • NO more double posts! Yes, no need to double post, before 24 hours have passed.
    • NO more off-topic posts! Please, if you have to ask something don't be afraid to PM me.
    • After you post your answer to an image posted by the previous member, and the previous member says that the answer is correct, edit your post posting the next picture!
    • If someone guessed a picture / hint, and hasn't posted the next hint / picture in three day (and I am really serious, three days, 72 full hours), than someone else, could post a hint / picture.
    • In case you see someone breaking a rule or anything, just send me a PM as I don't always check this topic.
    • Do NOT edit your image! And don't write anything on it. Some players have good skills to edit images, and can trick other, so please don't do it. You'd just steal other player's fun.
    • No one should get mad or such if he/she loses by a few points. This game is for FUN not for making other get mad.
These would be all the rules. I won't re-post the rules every time a new round start, you can just see the first post which is this. I made a small F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions), about this game. It will be updated every time a player has a question, this will happen also to the rules.


Guess The Mission F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: How can I take a picture of my game?

A: Press Right Ctrl+Print Screen (search for Print Screen key in the 9 keys above the arrows).


Q: What upload service should I use to upload my image?

A: You can use either Imageshack.us or Photobucket.


Q: Can my image be any size?

A: NO! Your image can NOT exceed 640x480 pixels! Re-read the rules.


Q: How long can my mission's description be?

A: It can be how long you wish, just to make a challenge for other to guess it.


Q: Is everything okay if I post a picture with a cut-scene of the mission too?

A: Yes, you could post cut scenes too.


Q: How many images can I post with just one mission or with different missions?

A: You can go up to three images with the same or with different missions.


Q: Do I win/lost anything playing this game?

A: Well, let's say that you win a little knowledge about the missions of the game.


Q: Do I have to post images with GTA III?

A: Obviously, yes.


Alright, now that the F.A.Q was posted we can start the first round!



Guess The Mission: Round 1








- You could use these pictures for your signature if you like the 'Guess the Mission' game. They're kinda small, so you have a lot of other space to add stuff.


Signatures for GTA III


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Guess The Mission - General Statistics



Guess The Mission - Hall of Fame!

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Is it


Rigged to blow

You're right!

Dead (Retired)

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miromiro it has been 5 days no body has replied can i take this turn and if yes then here it goes


this is only one of the missions in which we can save the game u can say it is the act of the mission this way better

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Finn 7 five 11

I forget the name but is it the mission were you steal the car from marcos bistro and put a car bomb in it then re-park it "mikes last lunch"? i think.

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Finn 7 five 11

Its already been answered you goof or did you just ask another question?


Who goes next, whoever it is oughta hurry it up, if its someones turn i think it a good idea to pm them, in case they forget.

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Its already been answered you goof or did you just ask another question?


Who goes next, whoever it is oughta hurry it up, if its someones turn i think it a good idea to pm them, in case they forget.

That's the clue.



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Song is from the Rockstar Games intro movie that plays after the "Ram Ok, Rom Ok" screen. It shows stills within the letters panning across the image. Actual picture is promo art/cover, as it says "Rating Pending". Technically it's not a mission.


New mission clue- 8 minute coffee break.


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