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[REL | ALICE] Niko Rocket Mod

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Version 1.0


Hello everybody! Well, after some time away from the scripts, I decided to back (I love to make scripts!). This mod is a small sample of other mod I'm making... Comments are welcome.






user posted image


This mod makes Niko launch a rocket from his hands. But you need a certain amount of armor to do this. Without armor you cannot launch rockets.

Note: you will be invincible while launching the rocket.



On foot, press SPACE on your keyboard while you're playing.



Extract the file ROCKET.EXT in the ALICE folder (GTAIV\ALICE).



Delete the ROCKET.EXT file manually.



Click HERE to download Niko Rocket Mod 1.0. [NRM10.ZIP (70KB)]



  • VERSION 1.0: First release.
  1. To run this mod, you must have installed the ALICE Plugin. To download the latest version of ALICE Plugin go to page http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=386816.
Have fun! colgate.gif Edited by Rapier

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It's great to see you back Rapier! smile.gif

That's a nice idea, I dunno why but it reminds me of Iron Man. biggrin.gif

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Really NICE Rapier smile.gif...it s NICE to see your work smile.gif, only pity is, Alexander is out of scene and we dont have update for ALICE

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Thanks for comments guys! It really is a pity that Alexander no longer give support for ALICE. Do what!? confused.gif

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Do what!?  confused.gif

Welcome back, Rapier

i think the only we can do is, to describe how to run Alice 0.9


I made a second GTAIV installation, a copy of the my earliest DVD-setup, originally, unpatched and unmodified inclusiv sozialclub files

i have now 3 directories on my harddrive:

orig-Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

Rockstar Games Social Club


then i downloaded GTAIV_Patch_1.0.0.4-#5

and installed it.

Then install Alice 0.9

and maybe run it with xlive.dll of 11.11.2009 instead dsound.dll


ok, let's start the game

now the firewall can disturb everything

it needs to give the changed executable acces to the net

confirm the firewall prompts durable and start the game again

or deactivate the firewall


You can either play multiplayer or Alice by renaming the install directory name



Edited by ZAZ

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Hi ZAZ, hi @all!

There is a different, easier way to play ALICE mods with the new version. In my mind, it's better. You decide smile.gif


Look here!


I hope it's helpful!





Yeeahh, now I've tested your mod. It's funny biggrin.gif Great work!



Edited by Skorpro

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