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Glensters "GTAIII" Starter Package

Recommended Posts


I didn't write a walk-through for the PC version of "III" so I added more

stuff to my starter package for it. This includes


- a starter save and some subsequent saves up to 100% completion


- a condensed version of Robert Rusk's walk-through for "GTA III" with some of

my tips, PC-specific and otherwise


- a handful of modded handling.cfg files, and instructions on installation and

how to mod those files yourself


- Alper Saracoglu's Administrative Console, a couple of files you can add to

the Program Files > GTA3Console folder to give it a lot of extra teleport loca-

tions, and instructions on installation and how to add teleport locations your-



- YoYo's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, related files I modded, and in-

structions on how to install them and mod such files yourself


- a folder about "Max Pain's Modded GTA 3 v.2," which lets you try out a lot

of the mods for "III"


- starter save files for the "GTAIII XBOX Version" mod by rmws


- files modded to increase clipping distance, draw distance, and diminish fog,

and instructions on how to install them and mod such files yourself


- maps


- "Sitting Duck Gangs"--my variation on the mod to prevent gangs from attack-

ing Claude which makes it easier for him to attack them, too, and instructions

on how to install the pedstats.dat file and mod it yourself


- links for a lot of the mods, tools, videos, etc., and my explanations for

gimmicks and secrets, etc.


GTA Garage


Edited by glenster

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Hi friend I haven't found the guide where is it?

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The file I uploaded is a bit over the size limit for a save game package at GTA Garage. I sent a support ticket to see if they'll cut me a break. I hope so. Meanwhile:

Update: the file is up at GTA Garage.

Update Jan, 2011: I added "Mafia Titanic Posters and Billboards"--my mod to change several of the billboards and posters in
Liberty City to show the "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven" version of the movie poster for "Titanic," 1997, that featured the "I'm flying" scene.

Update Jan., 2011: I added the "GTA III Hidden Package and Rampage Finder." It puts a vertical row of flashing balls of
light over each Hidden Package and Rampage pickup.


Update Jan., 2016: I refreshed the links, added to the mod section, added details to the walkthrough, etc.

Edited by glenster

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