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[GTAIV|REL]Prison Mod

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I have a fear that I won't be able to play with other mods suicidal.gif but I will make a backup, update to 1.0.4 and let you know of the result. wow.gif

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OMG i dont know why you dont want to update to every mods are working NICE with latest patch smile.gif

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Notably, ENB Series is only fully compatible up to I'm sure there are a few other good mods that weren't updated for as well. I personally use, because I've heard actually introduced new bugs to the game.

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anyways i dont wanna make my mod compatible with patch <= dont have a lot of time for making my mod from scratch and i dont have OLD SDK...

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Now that's a pretty excellent job, what I do is recruit the nearby prisoners with Simple Native Trainer giving them weak guns and provocate a riot. The fighting contest would be something really good tho, it would happen in the cage, where the survive-for-some-time mission in Hippie's mod happens. It would be still realistic, just imagine all of police dudes there are corrupt, and let fighting contest happen in order to get some money from ppl betting and watching the video of fight broadcasted in internet, or something.


Mostly the reason why I love this mod is the fact, that it makes you think for a second before screwing around with cops. You're pretty much f*cked now if you get arrested/die when being chased.


My request is, please add a lawyer-bust option, so Niko could pay REALLY high price and get out from the prison...I'm not sure if it's possible to make the price dependant on the wanted level you had when you got jailed - if it's possible, make it:

$5,000 - for 1 star

$20,000 - for 2 stars

$50,000 - for 3 stars

$75,000 - for 4 stars

$100,000 - for 5 stars

$250,000 - for 6 stars


Remember to add some randomness...for example, it could take the money for lawyer, but later say 'Your crimes were purely evil, no lawyer could get you out from jail!' or either, you would lose no money and it would say 'Thanks to a mistake in documents, police thought you were jailed for something you didn't do. You're free now, and didn't had to pay anything - actually, you got some money as compensation for that situation'


Etcetera..also the fighting contest, again, would be good...maybe make 10 fights, in the later fights Niko and opponents would start to use melee weapons..After 2-3 matches won in the row, the judge would release you from jail...etc.

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You have good ideas smile.gif...but now, src is in my old HDD, what is broken now...

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Your work is fantastic! Really nice mod biggrin.gif

But I have a problem, how the gate can be broken?

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Nice work! You could add an option to custom minimum wanted level. But great work!

Edited by ricardo8086

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badass biker

its not working, and what do you mean by (Copy Prison Mod.asi, Prison Mod.ini and

prisonwanted.asi from IV EFLC folder ) iv eflc has only prisonwanted.asi, and TLAD AND TBOGT player skin it doesent have Prison Mod.asi, Prison Mod.ini ?

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Man, mod is just amazing!

But I have a few suggestions:

- An alarm sound when attempting to flee or enter in prison (anyway when flee wanted stars adding)?

- Can you make a prison ward? I've made a sketch in native trainer using fence (as grating) and lift (as room)

- Ability to save game in prison ward

- Ability to enter a visiting room (it's collidable there)

- Strict regime like be in a ward from 20:00 to 6:00 and otherwise one star to player's wanted level.

- Can you make a bit more variety of features like guards can get player to water asnd clear the plants (like other prisoners can do)?

- Can you make a player free after some time, like: busted with 1 star - should sit in jail one game month, with 2 stars - 2 months etc.

That's gotta be awesome and realistic if you got a source.

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Why EFLC is crashing when I should spawn in the prison?

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