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DYOM Contest #4


Recommended Posts

The schedule!



1. Perfidy vs The Life In The Mafia 4. The Life In The Mafia vs Tenpenny's Dream vs The Corporation 5. Perfidy vs They Never Returned Perfidy vs Ghosts From The Past
2. Tenpenny's Dream vs They Never Returned - 6. Ghosts From The Past vs The Life In The Mafia -
3. Ghosts From The Past vs The Corporation - - -
So, when you lose your first match, you will get a second chance!



Let's vote, Round 1, Match 1.


Perfidy (made by Chimpso) versus The Life In The Mafia (made by JOJOXX).


Which mission do you enjoy most, and why? Of course, Chimpso and JOJOXX can't vote in this match. Let the best man win!


[Only votes are permitted in this topic, questions and other things can be posted in the other topic]

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I vote for life in the mafia that was the best missionpack from JOJOXX reallly cool i liked it cuz it was interesting there ws action and the last misssion was very funny i really hope JOJOXX wins

Edited by xandren
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Hmm. it's not very easy to choose.


Perfidy has excellent dialogues, timing and story.

Life in the mafia, is very creative and has a very interesting gameplay, though it's dialogues, timing and story aren't very exciting.


I vote for Perfidy.

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I played the missions a few days ago and I vote for They never returned.

The idea was very original and the story was better than the other mission.

Besides, TD was much shorter.


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I played and enjoyed both very well.. My vote goes to They Never Returned


I liked the storyline and i thought about how well the objectives played out. It was a little difficult..but I got around it. It really felt like a war with the different objects and where the location was. Very good work Jackal.

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I guess its time for the next round. We have a clear winner.

Yep. I knew Tenpenny's Dream would not go so good. But It's a good storyline in only one mission. So I liked it. We should proceed.

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Its very hard to choice. I love them both but we all can only choice for once.


I vote for Ghosts From The Past


I am a Since Fiction,Horror & Mythos Fan

I like the gameplay and the atmosphere in the mission.

I´ve got a complete other feeling if there are normaly people and I am not more so alone. ^^


But I must laugh so hard at the end xD



Why I put The Corporation down ?

I dont see alot of gameplay. Its more like a movie.

95 % cutscenes


5 % gameplay.


I only could walk the hallway down and fall from a plane on the bottom.

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