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Carlo's Forbidden Treasure [MissionPack]


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Cancelled, look at my last post please.




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Sorry, it was done with paint. I could've done much better I had Photoshop installed on my computer but since I moved to Windows 7 I forgot to backup it and I cannot get it to work again. /: damned computer.



The Storyline


The missions follow Leonardo Pavatti, after his dad was murdered by the Italian Mafia and he (along with his mother and sister) moved to Los Santos, in Los Santos, more interesting events occur.







Characters Collection:

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Leonardo Pavatti

1974 - 2043

-"Come on! I've beaten people tougher than you back in Italy!"

Leonardo is the protagoinst of the mission pack, His father was holding a family item that the Italian Mafia wanted badly,

Leonardo's mother was well aware of that item, so she hid it. The mafia's thirst for the item was the reason they murdered

Leonardo's Father, the moment who changed their family and made them move to Los Santos, from Italy.

Leonardo is a regular person who never thought he'll get in so much trouble as he will get in..



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Caterina Pavatti

1977 - 1998

-"I knew you needed me, brother."

Caterina is the family's motivation, she is always there to support and bring the first smile even in the hardest moments.



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Maria Pavatti

1927 - 1996

-"Why the hell did I need this bastardo, to make two children and then let him die on me?"

Maria was the wife of Carlo Pavatti, a rich businessman, she never really liked him, and never got the chance to as he was always in his office, making his researches on a few subjects.

She has a difficult personality, she also tends to yell.


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Jackson Baker


-"I know everything in this city"

When you need help, information, or just where your wedding is, Jackson is the person you need, He knows everything that's happening in Los Santos.


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Vieri Giovianni


-"Stop this idiocy!"

He's a very important man in Los Santos, having his own underlings and a beautiful wife, he certainly tastes the good life.


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Bartolome De Signorio

1960 - 1996

-"You know what I've done for this item and how badly my desire for it, is.

Bartolome is a cruel, high rank man in the Mafia, his desire for an item, became the death of Leonardo's father, Carlo.

He is executed by Leonardo during his visit in Los Santos.


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Salvatore Vespucci

1948 - 1996

-"I know the past, the future, and everything in between"

Salvatore, one of three conspirators, or criminals, if you like.

Salvatore was the one who sent the information about Leonardo to his boss, Salvatore was also the one who hired Bartolome.

Later in the story, he holds the Sacred Page of Knowledge, granting him the power to see the future.


user posted image

Salviati Janitierri

1960 - 1996

Information unavaible.


user posted image

Ricardo Savole

1959 - 1996

Information unavaible.


More characters will be added as I publish more missions.


History Lesson[/font]<!--EF-->

Carlo, Leonardo's father, was an achaeologist, until he found an ancient item, made exactly 1536 years prior to the Storyline.

Carlo found it, he gave all his life, to examine the item and what it contains. his researches took many years, that's probably the reason why Maria, his own wife, didn't get to know him much, he was always in the office.

The Mafia, 3 members of it, if to be exact. They called themselves the 3 Conspirators, their goal was to get the ancient item, they were sure once Carlo is dead, the item would be easily earned.

They spread lies about Carlo and forced the judges to call for his execution.

3 days prior to his execution, Carlo told Leo, Caterina and Maria to escape, to Los Santos with the ancient item.

Meanwhile, the 3 conspirators hired Bartolome De Signorio, a cruel memeber of the Mafia to execute Carlo and promised him a piece of the ancient item.

Bartolome, after he heard of their escape, decided to send an assassin to Los Santos, they assassin ofcourse failed him and Bartolome had to pay him a visit, Vieri knew about Bartolome's visit in the Assassin's car shop, he sent Leonardo to avenge him.


Main groups so far:

Vieri's Secret Order, against the Mafia.

>Vieri Giovianni

>Leonardo Pavatti



Italian Mafia, against Vieri

>The Boss

>>Three Conspirators

>>>Salvatore Vespucci

>>>Ricardo Savole

>>>Salviati Janitierri

>>Bartolome De Signorio



The Pages:

  • Page 1/7 - The Page of Knowledge

    -Grants the user as much wisdom as he can take

    -A vision of the near future

  • Page 2/7 - Page of Immortality

    -grants Immortality

  • Page 3/7 - Page of Improved Sight

    -The abillity to locate objects, whether they are near, not visible or far away.

    -The abillity to locate friends, enemies or information.

  • Page 4/7 - Page of History

    -The abillity to know the history.

  • Page 5/7 - The Page of Charm

    -The abillity to command the crowd as weak soldiers.

  • Page 6/7 - Page of Illusions
  • Page 7/7 - The Index
First Mission: Introduction

Info: This mission still lacks action as it is the first one, introducing the family cast and a few other characters.

Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=9777


Second Mission: Vieri's Secret Order

Info: Vieri reveals himself as a leader of an order against the Mafia, he asks Leonardo to work under him, and gives him the ability to avenge his father by killing the person who executed him, Bartolome De Signorio, a high ranking member of the Mafia.

Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=9788


Third Mission: Checkmate

Info: While Leo is away, His mother and sister have to stand alone against 3 Italians

Every cutscene in this mission, is calculated, and well done. I've done it just as I wanted and I think that the results are great.

Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=9796


Fourth Mission: Carlo's Secret Scripts

Info: Carlo's real secret, the project of his entire life is revealed, the protagonist would have to watch a deal from above, and help his allies.

Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=9985


Fifth Mission: The Page of Knowledge

Info: Leonardo is starting his destructive path in his destiny, to collect all the sacred pages, these who can bring chaos and peace, He's next target is the conspirator, Salvatore Vespucci, who holds the page of Knowledge, which grants him a vision of the future, and all the wisdom he can have.

Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=10234


Sixth Mission: Salviati's Trail

Info: The next Conspirator, Salviati, is holding the most dangerous Sacred Page, it allows him to order people like mere puppuets.

Leonardo will have to Eavesdrop and save citizens in order to collect information about Salviati Janitierri, his next target.



This mission was made in the 6th Version of DYOM, you can get it in GTA Garage, it's a storyline mission, it's not long, 4 small missions in one storyline, can be done in around 10 minutes.


Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=10286

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Thank you! biggrin.gif

You gave me the motivation to make another mission.




New mission is out! and new characters added to the collection.


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Third mission is uploaded, check it out!

3 Misterious character who appear in it, are yet to be fully discovered, so I won't bring them up here, these will be spoilers.

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Thank's pauliux, but I think I'll need more than one person :[


Please, atleast try, and give me a little comment. I'm getting desperate.

Questions always run in my head, such as :

"Was it bad?" "Was it the first impression which affected all that?"


Just give me atleast a hint.



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Yes, I had a little break and got back to the missionpack, I'm going to post the next mission a bit later, from the next mission and on, the real point of the storyline shall be revealed already, thanks for the support guys!



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  • 2 weeks later...

The sixth mission is up!

whoever played the other missions can understand what's going on know and can go on the next mission,

it's a storyline mission, but it's not a real storyline, as I count it a single mission in 4 parts, as 2 of them are short.


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Sorry for triple posting, but I think I have to cancell this one, as it didn't gain much popularity, and it rarely gets any comments, if at all, I had so much in mind though I can't continue it for myself.. /:

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