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ABOUT:This is story about gangs who all live in Los Santos and battle lot at 2001 they made truce but then the Ballas family started war again if u play these missions u will find out what happening next.



Gang called grove street is most agressive gang in Los Santos.they are friends with aztecas but not with ballas or thugs.

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Next gang is aztecas they are not very angry gang but they dont like thugs because thugs always destroy their buildings and tras their town.

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Next gang is ballas they always stand themselfes they dont be friends with no one.

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Next is thugs they are not even gangs they only trash streets and blow up lots of buildings in the missions u see.

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Boss Cesar of aztecas gang hes not very good friend with grove boss but if they need help then aztecas will help them.

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Boss Alberto of grove street gang will kill all ballas and thugs who are in grove territory

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Boss James of ballas hate grove really much they try to kill all grove but cant its hard u will see in missions.

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Gathering the grove street members - Alberto needs more members to grove street

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Aren't missions about gangs are too cliche? I mean, every second mission in the DYOM database became one with the ballas.

Good Luck, just try to make it a bit different.

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