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.Net ScriptHook Custom Functions

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Hey guys, I was going through my .NET ScriptHook scripts, and I saw this "functions" script I had started, it's just some functions I thought would make scripting easier.


I'll post them, and I was wondering if anyone could make some more?


Vehicle functions:


void ForceCar(Vehicle vCar, Vector3 vDirection, Vector3 vRotation, bool bRelative){   if (Exists(vCar))   {       if (bRelative)       {           vCar.ApplyForceRelative(vDirection, vRotation);       }       else       {           vCar.ApplyForce(vDirection, vRotation);       }   }}



Ped functions:


void ForceAimedPed(Vector3 vDirection, Vector3 vRotation, bool bRelavite){   Ped pTagetedPed = Player.GetTargetedPed();   if (Exists(pTagetedPed))   {       if (pTagetedPed.isAlive)       {           if (bRelavite)           {               pTagetedPed.ApplyForceRelative(vDirection, vRotation);           }           else           {               pTagetedPed.ApplyForce(vDirection, vRotation);           }       }   }}void RagdollAimedPed(){   Ped pAimedPed = Player.GetTargetedPed();   if (Exists(pAimedPed))   {       if (pAimedPed.isAlive)       {           if (!pAimedPed.isRagdoll)           {               pAimedPed.isRagdoll = true;           }       }   }}



Other Funtions:


void PrintToScreenAndConsole(String sText){   Game.DisplayText(sText);   Game.Console.Print(sText);}Vector3 toVector3(float X, float Y, float Z){   Vector3 vec = new Vector3();   vec.X = X;   vec.Y = Y;   vec.Z = Z;   return vec;}Color customColor(byte R, byte G, byte B){   string sR = R.ToString("X2");   string sG = G.ToString("X2");   string sB = B.ToString("X2");   string sFinal = string.Format("#{0}{1}{2}", sR, sG, sB);   return ColorTranslator.FromHtml(sFinal);}



Havn't tested them all, I just wanted to get this thread started to see what other people come up with.


Please contribute tounge.gif

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public void HelloWorld(){Game.DisplayText("Hello, World!");}



Very important function I think everyone should use.


Edit: Oh, and thanks for making this thread. You reminded me that there was a .net script hook, Ima get coding right away.

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Thanks for sharing.

Just to let you know: The functions toVector3 and customColor are possible by default:

Vector3 v = new Vector3(X, Y, Z);

Color c = Color.FromArgb(R, G, B);

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Ahh, thanks HazardX, I started these a while ago when I started coding for the scripthook, didn't really know much about the built in functions, thanks!

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Does anyone have any other functions?

This is somethings that is relevant to my interests.

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Hey guys, howcome no one has been posting in here? I thought there would be more activity.


Anyway, i've been using this function for a little while now, and it's been more a learning experience than a



// This funtion prints to the game console with the text "DEBUG" and which method called it.private void DebugPrint(string msg){   string myCaller = new StackFrame(1).GetMethod().Name;   Game.Console.Print("DEBUG (" + myCaller + "): " + msg);}



I know it's only one, but thats for now.

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