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The Riot




1993 year, Las venturas. City captured a large and very strong gang. In the city critters chaos and destruction. The police are not in force to deal with it. All the people of the city have lost hope of salvation ... But for the case has taken four brave men who will deal with this gang and return peace and tranquility in the city.




Green - friend

Red - enemy

White - neutral


user posted image - Klyde Thompson (Player)


Clyde - the team leader. A former police officer. After the capture of the city retired and began assembling a team against the gang.


user posted image - Lauren Stone.

Age: 26

A former police officer. Professionally owned karate.


user posted image - Dik Anderson.

Age: 28

A good friend of Clyde. Ideal owns firearms.


user posted image - Alex "Z" Zenkovski.

Age: 30

Former dispatcher LVPD. The team is a spy. Drive helicopter.



Types of gang members




Chapter 1


2.Disassembly begins - Start "cleaning" the streets.

3.Cleaning the stadium

4.End cleaning area "Redsents west"




Coments, please!

P.S. Sorry for my bad english. blush.gif

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mission 3 uploaded.


Mussion 4 uploaded!


Chapter 1 finished!

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