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I am going to release new Story. It is about a guy called Rico, who will join Da Nang Boys Gang. He will kill many Triads. After that, in the end Wu Zi Mu calls Carl, Cesar and Sweet to help him, but they will be killed too. After many wars, Da Nang Boys will rule over all of San Fierro. Triads will be killed and destroied and Wu Zi Mu will get in Las Venturas. Da Nang Boys will rule two Ships, Triad's Territories and nearly whole San Fierro. They will be unstopable and Rico will be Captain/General of whole Da Nang Boys. Story is not ending here. Wu Zi Mu has got a little group in San Fierro. Your Agents will tell Rico about that group. After that Rico and his gang will go there and destroy that group. He also decided to kill Wu Zi Mu for ever. He will fly to Las Venturas and kill Wu Zi Mu in his Casino. After that, Rico will rule Four Dragons Casino and will get little Territories in Las Venturas.



1. New guy in Da Nang. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?x839cp5ef2e8xve

2. First War.



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