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Mafia: The City of San Andreas


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Mafia- The City of San andreas ( Total Remake of Mafia : The city of Lost Heaven).

user posted imagePlot takes place in 2006 (in original game- 1920's). You are a taxi driver Tommy Angelo. One day you must to save some gangs from their enemy. They are very thankful for you and offers you a job. You told them that you will think about it. Other day, you are just having a regular day as a taxi driver, and some gangs starts chasing you, because they remembered your license plate while you were saving their enemies life, and you escape to Mr.Salieri's bar and decide to accept their job, because now- you have no choice!


Missions coming soon ( in about 2 days):




Missions already avaible for download:


An Offer You Can't Refuse ( WARNING: There can be glitch that when you want to load this mission there is no name only empty space, in that case, select that empty space and press enter smile.gif If anything is bad with this mission let me know.

Running Man

Monologue 1(Short cutscene)

Molotov Party (WARNING: You may get a random "Mission Failed" screen. To avoid this try to- avoid crashing your vehicle you are driving, pushing Vincenzo while getting your equipment. If this wont help just retry the game and try to do everything slowly, dont hurry smile.gif ).

Ordinary Routine (Warning! When you go to hotel be careful! It's easy to die there!



Better Get Used To it



When i will be finished with these missions, i will proceed with others from that game smile.gif.

Here is our main theme

user posted image

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Awesome idea dude. My missions are also mafia themed but not remade.

Thanks smile.gif

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That's exciting! Keep up! I don't wait to play the missions! tounge2.gifbiggrin.gif I'm a Mafia fan tounge.gifsmile.gif

Be patient smile.gif I am currently working on intro smile.gif

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It was good,but short sad.gif.I have a question:Thomas Angelo and Norman meet in a restaurant,no? sarcasm.gifsmile.gif

Yes, in restaurant. But i couldnt find any good spots which could look like one so i decided to put to LSPD. Well. Anyways, soon i gonna upload An Offer you can refuse, it is hard, smile.gif Believe me smile.gif

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Topic edited- New missions added: Monologue 1 and Molotov Party

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New mission added: ordinary routine. BTW Why stopped commenting guys confused.gif

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Agree there. I will play this after I finish my own story. I tried the first few missions and I have to say, those are very impressive icon14.gif

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Topic Updated New mission added ( and i think the most succesfull yet): Sarah cool.gifinlove.gif

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