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Who or What Am I: Vice City


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Since the GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas sections have WOWAIs, I gonna have to make a WOWAI for Vice City.


The rules of this game are simple. One person asks a question, with a minimum of 2 clues to start off, but not asked in a trivial manner.

Example of a question:


•I am silver.

•But my name is brown.

Members then post, trying to guess the answer.

Example of an answer:


The Brown Streak Railroad?

Once the answer has been confirmed, the next question is asked by the person who got the previous question correct.

Of course, a PASS can be called, therefore anyone may take a turn.


If a new question is started before the previous one was confirmed to be correct, it will be considered illegitimate and be scrapped. The question-asker will receive a 48 hour ban.


If a temporarily banned member posts, it will be taken to higher authorities to deal with, but I'm sure this will never happen.


As general rule, if the question-asker doesn't reply for 24 hours, the question can be scrapped and a new question may be asked by anyone.


Similarly, if someone posts a correct answer, they have 24 hours from when the answer is confirmed to post or a Free Turn can be taken by anyone.


Please, do not spam. Make sure each post at least has a guess in it to keep the game going and not clog up the topic.

People who repeatedly spam will receive 48 hour bans.


You may chat amongst yourselves, as long as you include a guess in your post. Otherwise, it will be considered spam.


In spite of all this, this is an amazingly fun game so don't forget to enjoy yourselves. It has to be strict because of the sheer size the topics get and spam can have a large effect on this.


All question must relate to an unmodded version of Vice City.


WARNING: This is your only warning. Anyone who breaks these rules will receive punishment based on the severity of the offense.


I'm going to begin a fresh leaderboard.


Position Player Name Points

1st AH64Hunter 3

2nd The_Gardener 2

3rd killer24 1

3rd Tycek 1

3rd silentsharklol 1


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Alright, here's the first question:


1. I can't harm you.


2. I'm indestructible.

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God that could be pretty much any building in the game amongst other things. My guess the ocean view hotel.

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Diaz's Admiral from the mission Guardian Angels? If his car is stolen before finishing the mission its indestructible.

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1. You can see me.

2. But you can't touch me.

that pornstar character's tits across that one building..

having a chuckle every time lol.gif

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This blimp flying over Downtown?


Yeah, your turn.

Edited by The_Gardener
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Haha, Tycek is starting to own another WOWAI.

Anyways, is it the d!ck easter egg near Malibu Club that appears at midnight on the windows?

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1. I'm really big.

2. Some people like me.

3. I'm a joke.

4. I can be found only in one place.



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