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Las Venturas stories


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Las Venturas stories



1998 year... Some guy,called Michael Rusin,left from Russia to Liberty City to start normal life but he didn't get it and arrived back home.In 1999 year his brother,Nikolay,went to America too,but not in Liberty,to Las Venturas... 2000 year... Nikolay has now normal life in Venturas,he owns little cazino at the north.But nothing continues long... 2001 year... Michael meets his old friend,Pablo Horra,and they both arrive to Vice City for starting "some" business... 2002 year... Daniil Groshin,Nikolay's big enemy,finds him at Venturas.Nikolay needs help and he calls his brother for help.Michael was in Los Santos.In 2003 year (nowadays) Michael arrives to Venturas and Daniil is escaping Venturas because of police and government.Nikolay needs help with Daniil's Mafia...



(coming soon)



Michael Rusin-The main and playable character of the story.Michael is half-russian and half-english,but lives now in Las Venturas,San Andreas.

His elder brother,Nikolay,needed help,so he phoned Michael.First met in:Intro.

Nikolay Rusin-Micheal's elder brother,friend of Sam.Owns little cazino at the north of Venturas and a club in Los Santos.

He knows a little about Caligula's and Four Dragons' Mafias.First met in:Intro.

Layton "Sam" Warry-Nikolay's friend,owns Caligula cazino,but he is only an administrator.He doesn't know,who owns the cazino.

Triadas want to kill him and destroy the cazino.First met in:Dealing with friends,Fate choice in:If you want...(Did you killed him or let him help you to kill Jimmy?)

Jimmy "Jay Z" Zerbovik-Polish dealer,best Michael's friend in the past.Now he wants to kill him because he knows too much about him.

Jimmy is Layton's boss,but nobody,except Michael,knows it.First met in:Old friends,died in:Wrong way,Jimmy Zebrovik!

Misha Zebrovik-Jimmy's brother,his partner with business,owns all of Caligula's money.

In his Secret Life,he wants to kill his brother and calls Michael for help.First met in:Zebrovik Brothers,Fate Choice in:Wrong way,Jimmy Zebrovik!(Did you killed him or let him leave San Andreas?)

Larry Durby-Michael's old friend,they both owned all the clubs of Liberty.

Larry knows that Michael wants to kill Jimmy Zebrovik,so he offer his help.First met in:War of the Mafia's,died in:You are betrayed!

Cezar Fernandez-Cezar is the boss of the New Venturas gang,enemy of the Caligula's.

Cezar always wants to kill Jimmy but his plans will be destroy by Michael.First met in:Cezar,holmes!,died in:Our bad amigo!

Shawn McRead-Policeman of Venturas,hates all of the gangs.

Shawn,like Cezar,always wants to destroy Caligula's empire and calls Triada's for helping him,but he dies:a plane with him destroys by terrorists,when he going to San Fierro.First met in:Police Problems,died in:Destroying the plane and plans.

Andrew McRead-Shawn's brother,also policeman.Secretly he gives missions for Michael and Nikolay.

When Andrew hear about destroying the plane with Shawn,he tell Michael to kill Jimmy.First met in:Police Problems,Fate Choice in:Andrew's fate(Did you killed him or let him leave police department and start new life?).

Arazaki Zetsi-Triad's boss,also owner of Four Dragons Cazino.

Arazaki hates Jimmy and calls Michael to help for killing him but after all he betraited Michael and Nikolay and will try to kill them.First met in:Triads,died in:Farewell,mr. Zetsi!

Secondary Characters:

Frank Jolly-Cezar's friend,also hates Caligula's mafia.First met in:Cezar,holmes!,died in:Our bad amigo!

Daniil Groshin-Nikolay's old enemy,drug dealer.First met in:Daniil arrives!,died in:His last day!

Chase "Burny" Durby-Larry's brother,friend of Nikolay.First met in:Public meeting.

Kate Lumis-Cezar's girlfriend,also hates Caligula's mafia.First met in:Cezar,holmes!,Fate Choice in:Our bad amigo!(Did you killed her or let the Triads kill her in the future?)



Episode 1-Meeting the Venturas

Intro-The start of the Episode 1!

Dealing with Friends-Nikolay introduces Michael his friends.

Little Problem-Nikolay has a little problem with Daniil's Mafia.

Caligula's Cazino-Sam needs Michael's help.

New gang-Michael,Nikolay and Sam create new gang...

Police Problems-The first meeting with police...

Cezar,holmes!-Nikolay introduces Michael New Venturas gang leader:Cezar Fernandez.

Meeting the guest-First job for Shawn and Andrew.

Epizode 2-New Problems

(coming soon)

Epizode 3-Dealing with Triads

(coming soon)

Epizode 4-Problems never end...

(coming soon)

Epizode 5-Daniil's last days

(coming soon)

Epizode 6-Last jobs

(coming soon)

Epizode 7-Escaping Venturas

(coming soon)

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